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It's a seeker, but with double 'o': [so͝o′kər]

A brief history

Sooqr was founded in 2010 as part of a webcompany in Hilversum, the Netherlands. We always had the same problem: we just couldn't find what we were looking for on websites. Also one of our clients had the same problem in his web shop.

That’s why we started thinking about site search, and we found out that about 95% of the site searches offered are not what you would expect, to say the least. So there was our new mission: making site search awesome!

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

We really love all of our clients! They come in different shapes and sizes. Here are just some examples of what we have been doing the last few years. Whenever you think you should be here as well: just let us know via Twitter at @sooqr.com.


Duifhuizen was founded in 1953 and is one of the largest Dutch suppliers of bags, suitcases and small leather goods.

Phone House Netherlands

Offering more than 769,000 combinations of telephones, subscriptions and bundles, with Sooqr, visitors find their way around quickly and efficiently.

Body & Fitshop

Largest online store for sports- and diet nutrition. One of the biggest assortments in the Netherlands. Over 600.000 search queries per month.


With 450 stores all over the Netherlands Primera sells gift cards, postcards, books, magazines and so much more. The online store contains over 100k articles and really needed a great site search.


Klein.nl: 39 fysical stores and three mayor webshops. Amongst the 100 largest online shops in the Netherlands. Sells camera's, TV's, audio and all products related.

Tele2 Netherlands

Tele2 is one of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators. It operates in 10 countries. Sooqr Content Search was integrated in the new site for the Netherlands.


Fietsenwinkel.nl is the largest online bike store in the Netherlands. Besides bikes they also sell accessories, clothing and GPS-systems.

Pensionfund PMT

Operating with three target groups and a large amount of textual content, Sooqr also searches through PDF files, a revealing example of “the path from data to information”.

Front Runner

Front Runner is a dynamic company. For over 20 years a front runner in fashionable streetwear an footwear. At this moment Front Runner has 11 shops in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag.

Bakker Hillegom

Bakker is the largest garden specialist in Europe. For over 65 years Bakker serves clients in 19 European countries by selling plants, flower bulbs and garden accessories.

Pearson Clinical

Pearson is an international network of testpublishers. The largest in its industry in the Netherlands and Flanders for scientifically based psychological instruments.


Frankwatching is one of the largest independent crossmedia platforms in The Netherlands, containing daily articles about trends, events, start-ups and tips & tricks in the digital world. Frankwatching contains over 10.000 editorial items. 


How does an AV professional find his way around more than 450,000 music tracks? Sooqr provides the search and find functionality on Music Director. It is also available in English, German and Spanish.


Gereedschappelijk.nl started in 2007 selling professional tools on the internet. Gereedschappelijk is now active in the Netherlands and Belgium. 



Keymusic has a unique combination of music stores and webshop, premium brands and competitive prices, professional advice and personal service.


Parfumerie.nl: The largest, cheapest and most reliable online perfume shop of the Netherlands. The site uses the Sooqr for Magento plugin.


Tuinendier.nl strives for the best quality at competitive prices in the field of horticulture and animal care. The site uses the Sooqr for Magento plugin.

Shore UK

Shore (since 1982) is UK's #1 wetsuit retailer. It continues to grow from strength to strength, currently achieving phenomenal growth and shipping up to 400 parcels a day.


Emerce is a multichannel platform about online business and marketing. Emerce offers decisionmakers in e-business inspiration and knowledge. is een multichannelplatform over online business en marketing. Easily find the one article amongst 28.000 others.

Van Tilburg Online

Van Tilburg Online is the largest independend fashion store of the Netherlands. Every season it selects the coolest collections of the best brands and keeps track of the trends on fashion.


Typhone.nl: over 10 years wellknown in the world of telecom. Besides the lowest prices and the best deals they always offer great service. Sooqr helps visitors to find the right handset.

Kees Smit garden furniture

With over 40 years of experience Kees Smit sells garden furniture online. Besides all products als textual contents on the site are searchable.

Duijvestein Wintersports

Duijvestein offers a wide quality range of renowned brands for winter sports.

Etrias lifestyle stores

Etrias lifestyle stores is a collection of 50 niche webshops based on Magento.

Kirna Zabête

Kirna Zabête sells the best edit of the best designers. A store in New York and online at Kirnazabete.com

Coop Online

Coop is a Dutch coöperation of over 230 supermarkets selling over 5,500 (fresh) products online.  


With over 200 enthusiastic employees OAD organises bus trips, tours, river cruises and travelpackages for sports and events.
Our partners

Our partners

We are so proud that some of the coolest webcompanies use Sooqr for their clients! In fact: we have a growing number of integraters all over the world. So whenever you feel like you need some technical peepz in your neighbourhood: contact them. They can help you setting up Sooqr the way you like it. And maybe help you with some little more to make your visitors really happy people.

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You're a developer? Become our BPF!

You're a developer? Become our BPF!

'Best Partner Forever' that is, but of course you knew that already. Sooqr loves to work with the best ecommerce and website builders in the world. Whenever you think Sooqr could give your clients that little extra... contact us. We will be here to help you get Sooqr up and running for your clients quickly.