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6 lessons e-commerce can take away from Game of Thrones

07 July 2021

The tale that is GOT is coming to an end. After eight seasons of a very entertaining show, we’re going to have to find something else to go crazy about and binge-watch. But before we rack our brains on that subject, why not look at the series from a different perspective and link it to the world of e-commerce. Because even if many of the plotlines are gruesome, weird and ultimately genius, there are still quite some lessons we can take from the series.

1. Plan your strategy wisely

The e-commerce business isn’t exactly a battlefield, but nevertheless, to get anything done (and ultimately, reach prospected customers) you need to plan the right strategy, build, optimize and follow up on it.

2. Started from the bottom

Just look at ‘the mother of dragons’. At the start of the saga, she was a beaten-up orphan with nothing to live for, at the end she owns dragons, has a major army & ‘a crown’ (amongst other things). All beginnings are though, but if Daenerys could rise to the top, so can you and your business definitely will.

3.  Be loyal

Loyal allies go places and get things done. Whether we’re talking about Game of Thrones or e-commerce, it’s a given. Surround yourself with people and companies you trust and are trusted by. Loyalty goes a long way, as do partnerships, especially in the online business. Keep your ‘friends’ (customers, visitors, vendors, suppliers, partners, platforms) close, and an even closer eye on your competitors.

4. Always pay your debts

The Lannisters may not be the ‘nicest’ of families, but their ’slogan’ ( ‘a Lannister always pays his debts’) does make sense. In the fictional world of the seven kingdoms, this might mean they’ll eventually end up fighting for you (instead of against), but in our world, it’s probably more to do with money. And actually, it’s a really good rule to work by, especially towards your customers. You owe them the best experience to actually keep them as a customer. Pay your bills on time and when in debt, pay them off as soon as. It will make your life much easier.

5. Don’t do a Jamie Lannister

In the end, all he knew to do well, was how to fight. He never mixed with politics or books. Make sure to not make the same mistake and inform yourself about e-commerce on every level. Educate yourself, your team and company and evolve your skillset. You’ll benefit from it on so many levels.

6. Keep your eyes & ears open

Early warning signs are there for a reason. In the very first episode, white walkers were introduced to the viewer. And even though it might have taken 8 seasons for ‘winter to come’ and the great fight to happen, they could have known something like this would and could happen. Keep your eyes & ears open, trust your gut feeling and instincts and react when ‘warning signs’ occur. It could keep your business from going under or loss.

Thanks for reading!

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