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The advantages of running an all-in-one on-site CRO suite

01 December 2022

Sooqr provides the Conversion Rate Optimization tools that you really need for your eCommerce.

Why should you use our all-in-one suite of tools? First off, our suite of tools is a group of integrated software tools for your webshop that combines a lot of necessary optimization tools into one platform. So all-in-one = all you need.

And there are significant advantages of using an all-in-one suite vs. a separate tool for each element or function on your website that you need to make your eCommerce grow. These are (some of) the advantages:

  1. Save time and effort during implementation and usage. Going through different integrations for different tools will cost you lots of time and hassle. With the implementation of a single software for a whole suite, you can get all the tools integrated all at once. Not only does this save time, but prevent you from placing too many snippets and lines of code in your backend. To implement Sooqr, you only need a datafeed with the info of your product catalogue, and that’s the main input for all Sooqr products to run!

    And after a successful implementation, wouldn’t you save time on your own training? Nowadays all marketing tools have an user-friendly usability, but each of them follows its own logic. Using the same suite of tools can thus save a lot of time and mental resources. Also, being in contact with your trusted customer support team eases.

    You may also benefit from economies of scale and easier budgeting. Having a single subscription for more tools will obviously cost less than getting billed for each tool individually. Of course, at Sooqr we follow this logic too, check our pricing page.
  2. Get reliable and consistent reporting. While using different marketing tools, you often end up getting, for example, your funnel attributions mapped on different reporting tools. Of course, having an overview of all the touch points, searches, clicks, conversion, KPIs, you name it… assures more consistency and removes the guesswork you sometimes have to do in order to “compare” numbers from different suites of tools.
  3. All-round marketing synergies. I guess you have struggled with some marketing action that required you to use two different marketing tools in the same funnel, that had issue troubleshooting, required an additional plugin or even some coding for them to work together. When you use a suite of tools that is meant to cover the full scope, then you can be sure that it will simply just work.
  4. Support and documentation, all in one place. Many times you jump between support documentation of different tools to understand how they work together. And often you end up asking Support how to integrate one tool with another, just to find out that they only know about their own tool. So you end up contacting the support of the other tool (starting the whole story from the beginning), and so forth until your problem is solved. Using a single support team for all your onsite conversion tools will help you save lots of time and frustration.

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