7 important tips for site search

Site search. The most underestimated function for CMS and ecommerce builders. Did you know searchers buy upto 5 times more than 'normal' visitors? The searchers have a great intent for buying the products you offer. So... you better have your site search up to speed!

Here are 7 tips for better search on your website or web store:

  1. Make it quick
    Visitors don't like to wait for the results page. If your results taks over 2 second to load you will be losing valuable customers!

  2. Make it easy
    Add facets and filters to your search. It will make it so much easier for your visitors to find the right product.

  3. Allow errors
    Error tolerance is so important. Just a little typo should lead to the right results. And some brands are not so easy to remember exactly.

  4. Make use of synonyms
    Selling bikes? Some users call them 'bicycles'. Make sure the results list is the same.

  5. Make sure the products that matter to you are on top!
    Some categories or brands are more important than others. They make more margin or are in stock. Add these products to the top of your list. But remember: you need some balance here!

  6. Make your search bar prominent
    Add your search bar on the top in the middle or on the top on the right. That's were your visitors will expect it.

  7. Use your metrics to improve the results
    Check the metrics of your site search on a regular basis. And use the outcomes to improve your results with rules, synonyms or... extend the products you sell.

It's just that easy. Now stop reading and get working on your conversion! :)

Author: Erik Keegstra - at Google+