Sooqr introduces Filter Rules

Filter rules
You have a lot of products with a lot of specs. And all specs matter to you, because your audience is keen on finding a product that fits the need they have. But on the other hand you don't want to show 200 filters at once. That would just confuse your visitors. That's why we at Sooqr have been working on Filter Rules.

Filter Rules give you the opportunity to show filters based on choices your visitors make within Sooqr. Category-based, for instance. Filters for womens clothing could differ from mens clothing. And filters for dishwashers will differ from filters for vacuum cleaners. 

How to apply these rules?
Within the Sooqr Conversion Suite add all the filters in Sooqr that you would like to use. But don't enable the ones you only want to show based on other filters. Then pick the option 'Filter Rules' under 'Improve'. Now tell Sooqr what filters you would like to show based on the choices people make. Easypeasy.

If you like to see these rules in action: see the site of Foto Klein. They have around 200 filters, but most are based on the categories, so... just pick a category.

Author: Erik Keegstra - at Google+