Sooqr introduces the Sooqr Search API

At Sooqr, our mission is to make site search awesome. And since we started we have been working on our own interface. But we know there are so much more possibilities with our output. That’s why we started developing our Search API. We’ve been working on it for too long, but it’s here and it’s great! If you’d like to build your own interface or use your data from Sooqr for other functions: just make it yourself!

The Search API allows developers to develop applications based on their Sooqr search data. All Sooqr features, like faceting, filtering, boosting, spellchecking and reporting are available through the API. It gives you the opportunity to use Sooqr for apps, category pages or whatever functionality you have in mind.

So, where could you use our API for? Well…

  • for the best search in your native shopping app
  • for building an optimized category page based on the intelligence of Sooqr
  • for a full integration of your search results in your web shop 
  • for getting the most out of your no-results page
  • for making your own plugin for your platform

… or whatever you think of. Just be creative, it’s there at your fingertips!

The API is organised around REST and supports both JSON and XML.
Calls to the Search API use the same account and view notation as normal Sooqr overlays. This means that your API response is based on the same parameters as your Sooqr overlay uses. When required, it is also possible to create a new Sooqr instance specifically for your API calls.

The following months we will be extending the API with an Update API, so it will be two way. That will really make things powerful! The Update API gives you the opportunity to update your data real time. Wow!

We’ll keep you posted!
The documentation can be found here: and whenever you have questions feel free to contact us at