Making site search awesome & increasing your conversion

Ever thought of the purpose of a good working, internal search engine? Nowadays costumers are used to Google: getting loads of relevant search results, within seconds. But finding information within a site is just as important; maybe even indispensable. When ‘searching visitors’ can’t find what they’re looking for within a split second, they will leave the site. With every second of waiting time, up to 15% will click away. And the more products you have on your site, the bigger the choice & the search.

Sooqr Search is the internal search engine for your website. Sooqr takes over the search tool completely and lets visitors see instant, filtered & relevant results, as soon as the first letter is typed. Within milliseconds. The tool is completely responsive and can be made exactly in the style of your site. An absolute must for every webshop with a great assortment of goods. Sooqr works platform independently. If your website runs on Magento, Shopware, Lightspeed, independent or otherwise, the search engine can be implemented into your site. All that is needed, is a data feed.

Conversion rate increase of 400%

Intersport Twinsport is the specialist store for everyone that loves to stay fit and gets loads of pleasure out of working out. Just like her customers, the company is always looking to improve her qualities & results. In the summer of 2016, Sooqr took over the search engine of the website. And with succes: in comparison with the same period of the previous year, the company saw an increase of 400% in the conversion rate.

Searchers are buyers, but they have to find what they are looking for. Do you want to see your conversion rate grow, create a bigger turn-over and watch your webshop expand? Why not try Sooqr. The first 30 days, on a trial, live & for free. You can actually see if the tool works for your site: a connection can be made with Google Analytics and you have all the insights into what Sooqr can do for your shop. And if you find that you are not satisfied after the 30-day trial is over, you can remove Sooqr easily, without any trouble and with no questions asked.

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