Top Onsite Search Tips by Sooqr: #3 Narrowing down the search

We aim to make your search engine awesome, by getting you instant results and increasing your conversion rate. With years of experience in the field, we’ve come to quite a list of factors that influence the process. And because we care & like rocking your socks off, we like to share. Top Sooqr Search Tips #3: Narrowing down the search.

#3.1 Needle in a haystack
Looking for something without narrowing your search down, is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can try all you want, you aren’t going to find the needle. You need to section off the hay if there’s any chance of you finding that needle. In a way, you need to filter the hay. The same concept goes in site search; you need filters to narrow down your search. How else are you going to find that pair of super skinny high-waisted red leather trousers, for less than 60 euros, made by a certain Italian designer? 

#3.2 Jeans are trousers, aren’t they?
In every language, dialect and accent, we use different words for the same things. Sometimes complete different words, even when we mean the same actual thing. Like bike, bicycle and velocipede (yes, that is truly a word people use). In search, this can be very annoying. For example: you’re looking for a pair of trousers, but you type in 'jeans' or 'pants' instead. Both are trousers, aren’t they? Yet you get no results. None! This is because the search engine doesn’t use synonyms. So always make sure to implement synonyms in your search engine: so everyone can find jeans when looking for trousers and trousers when looking for jeans!

#3.3 We’re going to Iebietzah!
It's been almost 20 years that Dutch supergroup ‘The Vengaboys’ had a mega-hit. Remember? Whoah! We’re going to Iebietzah! Back to the island! Uhm, of course, it should be ‘Ibiza’. But even with ‘Ibiza’ being a word that’s hard to spell, (Iebietzah, Ibietza or Ebithza are just a few ways you could write it, when not coming from the island) you should be able to find what you are searching for when typing it into a search engine. That’s where error-tolerance comes in. Make sure your search engine interprets even the worst spelt words, to make sure searchers find what they are seeking. Don’t let them go to Iebietzah, they’ll be really disappointed (It doesn't exist, we checked).

#3.4 Seek and you shall find..information?
When surfing a web shop, visitors tend to seek products they can buy. Obviously. But sometimes these visitors need more than just a lovely dress; they’re looking for information. Non-product information that is. On delivery, billing, shipping, opening hours of physical stores, FAQ’s, stock, sizes, sales and so on. Make sure searching visitors can find this kind of information through the search engine too. Keep that search tool up to date & complete. Make use of it thoroughly, that’s what it’s for, and your conversion rate will go up! 

#3.5 Sort out your sorting
Us grown-ups want things to happen as we see them fit. We want to be able to choose things ourselves. With a well-working site search engine, lots of relevant results should appear, within seconds. But how are they shown? Low to high-priced items, newest in, popular first, season first or items on sale? Both for you, shop owner, as well as the customer, sorting options when showing search results, is a necessity and maybe even mandatory. People really rely on sorting. Because they rely on how they see things fit. 

#3.6 Give me more precious browsing time!
To be honest, most of us are quite lazy. Going the extra mile when it comes to (online) shopping isn’t an option, extra clicks cost time. Waiting costs time. Precious time you could be spending on shopping. On browsing. On planning your date-night-outfit. If only search results would come with extra information. Relevant information for you to see at a glance, without having to look it up on a different page? Behold! Meet the quick view option. Giving extra, yet not too much, but the relevant information within a search result. Information like available sizes, prices and different available colours. Quick & on the same page. Extra results without the customer having to click away to another page. Ka-ching!