Top Onsite Search Tips by Sooqr: #4 Show what you’ve got!

We aim to make your search engine awesome, by getting you instant results and increasing your conversion rate. With years of experience in the field, we’ve come to quite a list of factors that influence the process. And because we care & like rocking your socks off, we like to share. This time #4 Show what you’ve got!

#4.1 Mouse-over: more info & no extra clicks 
As you already know, people really don’t like waiting. Searching visitors will click away and leave if their query doesn’t get a satisfactory search result. Extra clicks cost time and a wait. Besides that, after finding what they are seeking, like, say, a crop top, they want to know what it looks like on a body. That's where the mouse-over comes in: giving you a different image (like a model wearing a crop top), over the picture of just the crop top, when moving the mouse over the image. Hence, mouse-over. No extra clicks, no extra wait, no leaving the page & you still get more information. Bob's your uncle!

#4.2 Nothing lazy ‘bout lazy loading!
Usually being lazy isn’t considered a very nice quality. But in the wonderful world of e-commerce, it actually is considered a good thing! With lazy loading, your website doesn’t need to be load in one go. It loads as you go; when scrolling down, or getting to the end of a page. This is ideal for websites with a lot of pictures. That's why it’s great for sites in e-commerce, that have a lot of SKU’s (unique items) in their store. Because of the ‘lazy’ load, searching visitors don’t have to wait for ages until the site has loaded all the content. Or in the case of site search: all the results of a query. 

#4.3 No disappointment
On occasion, you might find yourself on the ‘sale’ side of things. Midseason, end of season, out of season: no need for a reason. Sale! Finally getting that item you saw months ago when it was too expensive at the time. Now it’s 75% off! With an optimised onsite search engine you’ll found it instantly. ‘It’s still there!’, you think. You’re in a state of total ecstasy! And then, with a few extra clicks, you look for sizes & availability…and it’s gone. Sold out. Completely G.O.N.E. Thanks for nothing. That's why a good search engine should show current stock and/or delivery estimations in the results. Visitors should be able to see if their favourite items are still available right away, without having to deal with the disappointment later.

#4.4 Don't get rid of the query
As we are a busy kind, forgetting things is within our nature. It might have something to do with age. Or it could just be that we’re always stressed and leading fully packed lives. We've got lots to do and loads on our minds. So in an attempt to relax, we go online for some well-deserved shopping. A random search urge can come to mind, out of nowhere. Next thing you know, you're typing a random query into a search bar. You see something you like and start browsing and browsing until eventually, you've ended up somewhere deep in the online shop and totally forgotten what query you typed in the first place. Let your searching visitors see what they've been looking for, even when showing a results page. They'll be very thankful: because they'll be able to find their way back. 

#4.5 Show me some technical details!
Not every business in e-commerce sells fashion. A great deal has to do with products you can use: things like machines and all kinds of parts & tools. You get the idea. For instance, you are looking for a drill. One that you can use on both wood and concrete. To find this drill, you need to know some specific details. Wouldn’t it be great if you, when searching for a drill, would see certain technical details with the results? Instead of just the price, brand & colour? Every e-commerce business is different; so make sure every search engine is different and relevant too. A ‘drill seeker' couldn’t care less if his drill also comes in red, he’d rather know how powerful it is. Instantly!