New CEO for Sooqr Search: Albert Mombarg

From April 1st, Albert Mombarg has been appointed as new CEO of Sooqr Search. As CEO of the Dutch-based site search company, Mombarg is responsible for managing the business, further development of the product and its introduction into new markets.

Mombarg is an enthusiastic media and technology executive. He loves to be at the forefront of new technology and translate this into successful businesses ideas. He isn’t afraid to make the effort to get things done and let ideas become reality. He’s seen both sides of the industry, working for major corporations such as Philips and KPN, as well as several start-ups. He believes in creating synergies by working closely together as a team. ‘I’m ambitious and would like to accelerate the current growth by introducing Sooqr to new markets. Unleashing its full potential, by investing in new technology to make the product even better: even more easy to use, self-learning and making sure conversion rates of customers using the search engine will skyrocket. With the current crew of highly motivated ‘Sooqrtroopers’, I’m confident we’ll be able to deliver on these ambitious plans. Expanding the team in the near future with more professionals will further contribute to the cause. I can’t wait to get started!’, says Mombarg.

Mombarg will take over the function from Erik Keegstra, founder of Sooqr. ‘I might be taking a step back in managing the company, but definitely a step forward with the product. From now onwards, I can focus on further development of our product, the roadmap and marketing of Sooqr. I’ve made this decision because managing just isn’t my cup of tea. The past few years the company has shown massive growth in a short amount of time. And we will keep doing so. This potential is clear, but I realized I’m at my best in a creative and product-focused role. That’s why we decided to find someone else that would be able to do so. After talking to Albert for just 10 minutes, I knew he would be the right man for the job. Straight away, he recognized what the company stands for, what it is exactly we do, how e-commerce works and most of all: how we could grow into our full potential. He brought ideas and solutions to the table, from the get-go’, says Keegstra.

About Sooqr

Nowadays e-retailers are missing out on an important, yet mostly forgotten moneymaker: site search. With SEO, SEA and making sure you end up in Google’s high rankings, you might get people to visit your website. But if these visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they’ll leave in an instant. With every second of waiting, up to 30% of these visitors will go elsewhere. That’s why instant, conversion boosting, relevant and above all, awesome site search, is a must-have for every webshop. Searchers are buyers, but they have to be able to find what they are looking for. And that’s exactly what Sooqr takes care of. Sooqr Site Search is the search engine for on the website; both for product and content, for e-commerce and beyond.