5 reasons why you should go and see SOOQR at ECOMMERCE EXPO LONDON 2019

With only a month to go, we’re busy getting ready to make the trip to our neighbours on the British Iles. September 25th and 26th we’ll be spreading the word of Sooqr from booth #D26 in the gorgeous halls of the Olympia in London. Still doubting if you want to come by and indulge yourself in everything eCommerce, online shopping, digital marketing, tools and ways to make more revenue & conversion? Besides that the event is FREE - simply register here - we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should come by to see Sooqr Search.

1. We’ll give a free 15-minute audit of your current site search
Obviously, we’d love you to try our awesome onsite search engine. But first, we want you to be sure you know why. During the event, our founder Erik Keegstra will be giving free 15-minute audits of your current site search. Is your site search working properly, is it giving relevant results or could we help you optimize it in a way that your search makes you more conversion? If you’re interested, please schedule a meeting here, or drop by booth #D26 for a chat.

2. Our mascot is amazingly photogenic
We’ve got an amazing mascot. Truth be told, it’s the 2.0 version, as the first one didn’t survive multiple trips being stuck in a suitcase during several flights, but we’re bringing our #Sooqrtrooper with us again. And from experience we know, he’s amazingly photogenic. So don’t miss your chance to sneak a selfie with him!

3. Stroopwafels
Being Dutch, we love sharing. Obviously our knowledge and (business) products, but also one of our oldest treats: stroopwafels. Two thinly baked wafels with gorgeous golden syrup in the middle. And we’ll be taking a big suitcase full of them. Never had the privilege of tasting these amazing biscuits? Now is your chance! Come get ‘em!

4. We’re no-nonsense quality-giving Dutchies
For decades, our Dutch quality products and craftmanship have been loved all over the globe. Our beer, cheese, dykes, bridges, waterworks, windmills and flowers (and some products we’re not too proud of - but they’re still quality) are just a few of them. Sooqr Search is made with that same Dutch quality, instinct, craftsmanship and honesty. That’s what makes our site search awesome too. So why not give us a shot and come by? #trustthedutch

5. We can help you generate more revenue and conversion
With our optimized onsite search for both product and content, your visitors will instantly find what they’re looking for and then some, whilst keeping your investment low, without any surprises. If you’re looking for a hassle-free site search engine, Sooqr might just be the perfect fit. With our plugins for MagentoShopwareWooCommerce and OpenCart, you don’t need any technical skills or a developer! Sooqr plugins are easy to set up and completely free! Just install, start your signup and we’ll have it up and running asap! And remember, the first 30 days are on us. Sooqr also gives you:

  • Ultimate speed: relevant results within milliseconds, even with > 100k products

  • Instant improved & optimised site search for your visitor with the highest relevance, always the best match first in the results, at the wish of the retailer

  • Extended filtering, sorting and promotional options

  • Instant error tolerance within queries ('ifoon' changes to iPhone automatically)

  • Extensive search statistics, that help understand your customers’ needs better

  • > 50% more conversion through advanced and optimized onsite search

Curious? Then we’ll see you Wednesday the 25th and/or Thursday the 26th of September during Ecommerce Expo London at the Olympia in London. You can attend free of charge, simply signup here. Want more info on the event? Take a look at their website. Besides the Ecommerce Expo, you’re also able to visit Technology for Marketing, Ad:tech and Customer First Live, as they are held in the same hall at the same time. We hope to see you there, but for now, if you’ve got any questions related to Sooqr, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Send us an email hello@sooqr.com, or give us a ring: +31 (0)88 766 77 00. And we’ll speak soon!