Don’t let your eCommerce visitor get lost - it’s almost Halloween!

7 easy hacks to implement and optimize your webshop for the festive season

Halloween is scary enough as is… don’t let your eCommerce business scare your customers away, too! We know Halloween isn’t as big as a deal as Black Friday, but never the less, if you are an online retailer, you should ask yourself: is my store ready for the festive season - starting with Halloween? Here are 7 easy hacks to get your store in the best shape quickly, without scaring your potential customers away!

  1. Make sure your webshop is ‘on point’

Is your store up to date? Are all the ads you are showing accurate? Show appropriate images, branding and call-to-action phrases, throughout specific periods of the year. This week they should be Halloween-themed, not saying ‘summer sale’ or ‘Fathers’ Day’. Also, are all of your items in stock? Temporarily take out-of-stock items off your site, to avoid frustrated customers. It’s a no-brainer: frustrated customers won’t buy anything, will leave and won’t come back. Also: don’t forget to highlight products or categories (and specific sales!) related to Halloween.

  1. Make all your products & content easy to find

Don’t underestimate the importance of your onsite search engine, and the optimization of it. Take care of synonyms (is it jeans, trousers or denim), error-tolerance (not everyone is great at spelling), relevance (not finding grey socks when looking for blue shoes), relevant filters, and sorting options. And don’t forget the content! Your customers aren’t just looking for products, they want information, too. On things like delivery, return policy and sizing. Searchers buy up to five times more than non-searching visitors and look up more pages: they can boost your revenue & conversion massively! Obviously, at Sooqr we know what we’re talking about: onsite search is what we do! And we could tell you all about the necessity and urge to use Sooqr - but why not test the current state of your onsite search engine first? We’ve made an easy - quick - test for you to find out if you’re in need of our awesome search. Test it here. Want to try Sooqr for free? you can start your 30-day free trial immediately. 

  1. Need for the speed

Did you know, up to 30% of potential buying customers will leave your webshop if they have to wait more than a second? Site speed is important. Remove data that is making your site slow(er), such as large images, and/or invest in a tool that specializes in site speed. A great one you can try free for 14 days is WAO.IO. It’s a platform, that continually optimizes the security and performance of your website. 

  1. What’s the state of your images?

Take a good look at your images. Are they pretty, clear, accurate and show your products in the best way possible? Customers want to be able to see what they’re buying: as they can’t touch and feel, you’ll need to highlight the ‘see and feel’ aspect of the shopping process. Keep in mind: use clear/even backgrounds, one where the products are in use and at least one close-up. Even better: an image with a zoom option. 

  1. Cater to your visitor

In a perfect world, customers would just simply buy products. They wouldn’t have any questions, would never return anything, and certainly, wouldn’t have any complaints. Sadly we live in 2019 - and the world still isn’t perfect - and your customers will have questions. Invest in options that make it easy for them to do so. Include an extended FAQ. Add a (free) chatbot (like one from Watermelon - they’ve got they a free trial too), as it will save a lot of time (both for you as a retailer and for the ‘waiting’ customer), manpower and money. 

  1. Check your statistics

Just before and straight after certain specific days of the year - like Halloween, but definitely Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and Xmas - take a look at your (search) analytics, such as the queries without results. This will give you great insight into what your customers are actually searching for. You might find out a great number of them are looking for a brand or product you don’t sell yet, but you definitely should! It can also help you with adding better or different synonyms to certain common queries.  

  1. Make it personal

Last but not least: going the extra mile for your customers does not only make you more trustworthy, but it also increases customer loyalty. Invest in your customer service. Send a personalized email thanking customers for their purchase. You could also give extra information on their order. Why not include a voucher for a discount for their next visit. Or free (return) shipping on all orders purchased during Halloween? Also a nice touch: a handwritten note when sending products with your branding. Bonus points if you use great packaging - something other than an impersonal brown box - to make receiving one of your products feel like your customers are receiving a gift. Because who doesn’t like receiving presents? 

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