7 reasons to meet-up with our Troopers at DMEXCO 2019

It’s that time of year again: DMEXCO is only a week away! Next week, 11 & 12 September, our sales troopers Lucas And Richard will be walking around this great DACH event, soaking up all the e-commerce buzz! Obviously, they’ll also be available to pick everyone’s brain on our favourite conversion booster: onsite search. Are you attending and always wanted to meet a trooper in the flesh? Let us know and we’ll set up an appointment with the boys - no strings attached. Not convinced yet? Let us give you 7 reasons why you should meet up with our Troopers next week!

  1. We love unique stories

Our Troopers are always on the lookout for new developments within our favourite sector: e-commerce. Especially if you’ve got an unique concept, tool or product, Lucas and Richard will be all ears. You’ll have to drag them away to get rid of them! Attending DMEXCO (or any ecommerce event in general) isn’t just a way to get in touch with new customers. It’s two days of soaking up as much knowledge, unique new products and crazy ideas, too! At Sooqr we love to meet like-minded people, so don’t hesitate to approach Luc or Richard!

  1. We’ll take a look at your current site search engine

Obviously, we’d love you to try our awesome Sooqr onsite search engine. But first, we want you to be sure you know why. During DMEXCO, Lucas and Richard will be giving free advise on your current site search engine. Is your site search working properly, is it giving relevant results or could we help you optimize it in a way that your search makes you more conversion? With their years of experience, they know exactly what a great onsite search engine should look like, how it should work and how it should (or could) convert. 

  1. We want to help (DACH) entrepreneurs

The German (DACH) e-commerce market has so much potential! We’re truly buzzing to get out there and help our neighbour-entrepreneurs set up profitable e-businesses, strategies and shops and share our knowledge.

  1. We know our (e-commerce) stuff 

With their combined experience of over 15 years in the field, our Troopers won’t just give you a simple elevator pitch of Sooqr. They know their stuff. They know the e-commerce business. That’s why they’re also able to help you out with other e-commerce related questions, not simply emphasise the necessity of optimised onsite search. At Sooqr we believe in helping each other, to go forward. That’s why we love making new connections and partnerships. What about you?

  1. We love networking (& beer & bratwurst) 

Lucas and especially Richard, both are very much internationally orientated. Besides Sooqr catering to customers all over the globe (and Sooqr itself being able to understand almost every language), the guys both being as Dutch (aka tall) as can be, they’ve lived abroad in several different countries. Want to talk to them in English, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch? Not a problem! Also, they love networking (or as we at Sooqr HQ like to call it: drink beer, eat bratwurst and chat). 

  1. We’re no-nonsense quality-giving Dutchies

For decades, Dutch quality craftmanship has been loved all over the globe. Products like our beer, cheese, bridges, waterworks, windmills and flowers (and some products we’re not too proud of - but they’re still quality) are just a few of them. Sooqr is made with that same Dutch quality, instinct, craftsmanship and honesty. That’s what makes our site search - and personalities - awesome too. So why not give us a shot and come by for a chat? #trustthedutch

  1. We can help you generate more conversion

With our optimized onsite search for both product and content, your visitors will instantly find what they’re looking for and then some. If you’re looking for a hassle-free site search engine, Sooqr might just be the perfect fit. Sooqr also gives you:

  • Ultimate speed: relevant results within milliseconds, even with > 100k products

  • Instant improved & optimised site search for your visitor with the highest relevance, always the best match first in the results, at the wish of the retailer

  • Extended filtering, sorting and promotional options

  • Instant error tolerance within queries ('ifoon' changes to iPhone automatically)

  • Extensive search statistics, that help understand your customers’ needs better

  • > 50% more conversion through advanced and optimized onsite search

  • Bonus: implementation, setup, support and the first 30 days are FREE.

Have we persuaded you? Curious to meet Lucas and/or Richard? If you’ve already scheduled to attend DMEXCO, simply connect with the guys in the app. (Get the app here). Need a ticket? Get it here! Don’t feel like downloading the app? You can always send the guys an email on sales@sooqr.com or give them a ring to set up a meeting:  +31 (0)88 766 77 00. 

We hope to see you there, but for now, if you’ve got any questions related to Sooqr, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Bis nächste Woche!