Boost your conversion in 2021 with Actionable Insights

With MySooqr 2.0, we released an improved backend of our onsite search conversion service. The feature we have gotten most enthusiastic feedback about is the Optimization & Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard is your Sooqr insights-lifeline. In here, you’ll see all relevant search data in one overview and are able to act on these insights immediately. The launch of the new dashboard has only been the first step towards providing you with actionable insights to boost conversion. 


The MySooqr 2.0 Optimization & Analytics Dashboard

But what exactly are actionable insights? Techopedia defines them as follows: Actionable insight is a term in data analytics and big data for information that can be acted upon or information that gives enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear for decision makers. It is often the result of extensive data analytics and other data processing; in short it is an analytics result that provides enough data for managers and organizations to make an informed decision. For us at Sooqr, actionable insights must be relevant and it must be clear to the Sooqr user what he/she can do with them to (positively) influence conversion.

But how do we get from metrics and insights to suggestions and actionable insights to boost conversion? Already, we provide you with actionable insights in several ways:

  • Sooqr Optimization Score: Within your Optimization & Analytics Dashboard, this benchmark lets you know how well your Sooqr account is set up, and whether you’re getting the most out of your onsite search. A lower score suggests that you need to invest some time in optimizing, e.g. by reducing the number of queries without results.

  • Synonyms from Queries without results: Having a lot of queries without results hurts your conversion rate, as your website visitors are not finding what they’re looking for. An easy way to fix this is to add synonyms to your account. In the new dashboard, we have made it even easier for you to do just that: Next to your queries without results, you now find a little plus that, when pressed, automatically adds those queries as synonyms.

  • Conversion Updates: These email alerts are sent to you either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (you pick!). And they include all your important Sooqr information at a glance, including e.g. your queries without results. Monitoring these is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to your onsite search. With the new conversion updates, you’ll always be in the know and can act on these insights immediately.

Where we’re going in 2021

Right now, Sooqr measures everything related to search: information on queries (with and without results), sorting, and filters. We’re also using the product information from your datafeed, such as price, attributes, and categories and can provide insights about product popularity (based on search clicks).

Over the coming months, we will start measuring more points throughout the customer journey. Think about e.g. add-to-cart information and checkout status. We will use this information to create insights for you that are actionable, always answering the following 3 questions:

  • What is happening?

  • Why is that good or bad?

  • And what should you do about it?

The Optimization & Analytics dashboard will be expanded significantly. You’ll find new metrics in it, such as your average conversion rate and your average order value. These will be benchmarked against the average data for your industry, so you’ll always know how your performance compares to the market. In addition, you’ll find actionable insights specific to your account. These could e.g. look as follows:

Your queries without results /query ratio is increasing

Visitors are looking for products by keywords that you don't use in your content. Meaning visitors can't find what they are looking for. This number is growing and it affects your conversion.

How to fix this:
- add synonyms for your queries without results

- use the queries without results as part of your content
- check your campaigns, they may attract the wrong audience or an audience with the wrong expectations
- expand your inventory with products that people are searching for

Upon opening each, you will find a detailed explanation as well as a recommended action that you can take straight from here. Additionally, you can set notification alerts based on a benchmark you set. E.g. you can let us know that you’d like to be notified when the number of clicks for the search term “shoes” decreases by more than 5% week over week.

These actionable insights will make it easier for you to stay up-to-date with your search conversion and to perform necessary optimizations in order to boost it even further. Have any questions about actionable insights? Reach out to us at