Best Google Site Search alternative

So, Google decided to discontinue GSA and GSS. Now what? What’s the alternative? Well… this is the time to rethink your site search strategy. Finally! New chances and new horizons have been here for years already.

At Sooqr Search we’ve been re-inventing site search. Your visitors want relevant results fast. Users of site search know what they want and they want it quickly. That’s where Sooqr Search comes in. Instant relevant results with the speed of light after one keypress.

Ranking Rules
Have you ever thought about the products you like to sell more than others? Certain brands, models or overstock, it’s easy moving them higher in the results list with our ranking rules. And what about products that are not in stock? Add your business rules to tell Sooqr what matters to you most!

Error tolerance
Everybody makes typos. Is it ‘MacDonalds’ or ‘McDonalds’? Sooqr Search fixes it right away, without your visitor even noticing.

Easy installation
Send us your (XML) data feed and we have Sooqr Search up and running within 24 hours, so you can make more money on your site search quickly. Don’t have a data feed? We have extensions for Magento 1, Magento 2, Lightspeed and many more.

So many more
We have about a zillion reasons why Sooqr Search is the best alternative for Google Site Search. Just check our product page

And… Sooqr Search is affordable. Pricing depends on the number of SKU’s you send us. Fair enough.

Contact us!
If you need help with your alternative for Google Site Search: just contact us and we will won’t stop until you and your visitors are satisfied. Promise!