Sooqr on Tour - Thanks E-commerce Berlin Expo!

As spreading the word of awesome site search is our main goal as a company, 2019 will be our year of reaching even more e-commerce retailers all over Europe. We can look back on an awesome first venture into the German e-commerce market, at E-commerce Berlin expo 2019.

The event took place at the beautiful industrial Station venue in West Berlin. Over 5000 visitors took the time to come by and get inspired by 150 different vendors and 40 presentations on everything e-commerce. As part of a competition we won last year, we were able to send our Kylie on stage to tell visitors all about the hidden gem of conversion optimization: site search. Due to some technical difficulties, the presentation didn’t go exactly as planned (the wrong slides were shown, so we had to improvise) and we decided to share the correct presentation here.

Even though the presentation wasn’t the one we intended to show, with over 200 participants present, and having spoken to several people afterwards, we think our message was clear: optimized site search is indispensable for all e-commerce retailers, especially ones with a great number of products in their webshop.

The presentation now has been uploaded to youtube:

To everyone we met, spoke to and exchanged thoughts: thank you for an awesome first e-commerce Berlin Expo, we’ll be back!

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