Sooqr on tour - Web Summit 2019

We’re pleased to announce we’re part of this year's Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal! From Monday 4, until Thursday the 7th of November, our Troopers will be attending this great tech event, named ‘the best technology conference on the planet’, by Forbes.  

The annual Web Summit brings together people and companies that are redefining the global tech industry, and gathers the founders and CEOs of tech companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?  

Within the Summit, we’re part of the BETA programme: representing the most promising early-stage and returning startups. We’ll get the chance to exhibit, learn, listen, network, meet a numerous amount of interesting people and businesses and tell all about the importance & necessity of awesome onsite search!

Some facts on the Summit:
> 70.000 attendees
> 160 countries present 
> 1.200 diverse speakers (such as Edward Snowden, Tony Blair and Eric Cantona)
> 2.000 journalists

We’re ready to be inspired - can we do the same for you?
We’re absolutely stoked to go and indulge ourselves in everything tech, take part in amazing discussions and get inspired for 2020 and beyond. As for answering the question ‘where to next?’, we’re onto making onsite search even more awesome! How? In the - near - future we’ll be telling some more about that.

But for now, during the event, we’ll be giving away some free advice on your current onsite search engine, onsite search in general, e-commerce, and we’ll even answer any questions you have concerning the Dutch market! Obviously, we’d love people to try our awesome search straight away, but we do want people to know why, first. We’ll take a look at issues such as is your site search working properly, is it giving relevant results or could we help you optimize it in a way that your search generates more conversion? 

Not convinced to come by yet? We’re also no-nonsense quality-giving Dutchies. For decades, our Dutch quality products and craftmanship have been loved all over the globe. Our beer, cheese, bridges, waterworks, windmills and flowers (and some products we’re not too proud of - but they’re still quality) are just a few of them. Sooqr Search is made with that same Dutch quality, instinct, craftsmanship and honesty. That’s what makes our site search (more) awesome too. So why not trust the Dutch? Also, we might even bring some delicious stroopwafels with us - even more reason to come by for a chat!

>> Did you know we're one of 42 Dutch startups attending? Dutch platform Emerce wrote a little piece on the fact! 

Curious to know more about Web Summit? Take a look here. There are still some tickets available. And we’ll see you there!

Web Summit 2019
November 4-7
Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon

Leading up to the event, our attending Troopers - Erik, Albert & Silvia - share their thoughts on why they're going and what they're looking forward to. Curious? Take a look here, here or here!