The new Sooqr Search plugin for Magento 2!

Great news for all Magento users out there! With Magento 2 up and running for a while now, we couldn’t stay behind. The past months, in collaboration with partner Magmodules, we’ve been quite busy. Starting this week the Sooqr Search plugin for Magento 2 is live! Making our site search even more accessible and awesome & making Sooqr Search work perfectly with the new version of the platform.

This plugin isn't just relevant for new users, but also for existing clients, of both Magento and ourselves. The first version of Magento will be supported until November 18th, 2018; after that, it no longer will be available. So, eventually every user will have to migrate to the new version. Our plugin for Magento 2 makes it very easy to implement Sooqr on your website. The functionality and output are basically the same as the plugin for Magento 1; they might even be better and makes the migration from Magento 1 to 2 go smoothly. Products based on attributes, the excluding of certain categories and the option for multiple currencies, all of these are also available with the new plugin. Content wise very little has changed for the user. The new plugin is particularly evident and makes life much easier. 

All we need is your data feed

Sooqr doesn't depend on a certain platform to work properly. But with this plugin for Magento 2, we make it possible for e-commerce managers to install Sooqr by themselves and start an account, without needing a developer to do it for them. And because we don’t depend on a platform, even without this plugin and/ or a Magento-based site, you can use Sooqr; all we need is your data feed’. 

Magmodules & Sooqr Search

Our partner Magmodules is a development firm completely dedicated to e-commerce development for the Magento platform. They made this new plugin. Frank Tiggelman, co-founder: ‘The last collaboration went really well, so we didn’t hesitate to say yes yet again. The existing search within Magento isn’t very good; which makes Sooqr of added value for your webshop. Within the new version of Magento the search has improved, yet is still far from accurate and very simple; there are a lot of deficiencies. That is exactly where Sooqr comes in nicely; she takes over the search completely. 

Greatest asset of Magento 2 in comparison to the first version is the performance; it’s much better and faster. Before it was inert and heavy, but the whole platform has gone through an enormous change and improvement. What’s different with this plugin is that the export is richer than ever before, which makes Sooqr work better as well. All of the productdata comes with, making the search results more relevant and complete. Combining your Magento based shop with the quick, relevant and direct site search of Sooqr, makes your site next to perfect!’, says Frank.

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