The new Sooqr Search plugin for Shopware

Great news for all Shopware users out there! The past months, in collaboration with partner Sition, we’ve been quite busy. Starting this friday, June 9th, the Sooqr Search plugin for Shopware is live! Making our site search even more accessible and awesome & making Sooqr Search work perfectly with the platform.

With more than 54.000 installations, 2.000 plugins and 1.200 partners, Shopware is the most popular e-commerce platform of the moment in German spoken parts of Europe. Characteristic for Shopware is it’s usability and the unique way of telling a ‘story’ with an online shop. For this they use the motto: ‘Emotional shopping on any device’. So why develop a plugin you ask? Because we noticed a lot of our German speaking customers use Shopware. This plugin isn't just relevant for new users, but also for existing users of Sooqr. It is particularly evident and makes your e-commerce life much easier.

All we need is your data feed
Our partner Sition is one of the first official business partners of Shopware, and has a broad experience in the development of Shopware (and Magento) and custom webshops, plugins and custom solutions. For us they now have developed the new Shopware plugin. Although Sooqr Search doesn't depend on a certain platform to work properly; with this plugin, we make it possible for e-commerce managers to install Sooqr Search by themselves and start an account, without needing a developer to do it for them. And because we don’t depend on a platform, even without this plugin and/ or a shopware-based site, you can use Sooqr Search; all we need is your data feed.

Yes, I’d love a plugin!
Can we hook you up with our awesome Shopware plugin? Simply go to the Shopware Store. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sooqr HQ: +31 (0)88 7667700 or contact us at