Top Onsite Search Tips by Sooqr: #2 How to show results

We aim to make your search engine awesome, by getting you instant results and increasing your conversion rate. With years of experience in the field, we’ve come to quite a list of factors that influence the process. And because we care & like rocking your socks off, we like to share. Top search tips #2: How to show results.

#2.1 Searching for red trousers? Here you go, blue ones!
Nothing is more annoying than asking for a specific something and getting a completely different something. When searching for red trousers, you want results consisting of red trousers. Not blue ones. Or no trousers at all. With site search, make sure results correspond with the query. Make it relevant. Otherwise, why even bother with a search engine?

#2.2 Fast as a lightning bolt
When ‘searching visitors’ can’t find what they’re looking for within a split second, they will leave the site. And with every second of waiting, up to 15% will click away. Make sure your search engine gives relevant results, within milliseconds. As fast as the speed of lightning, preferably.

#2.3 No dead ends
Besides results not being relevant - if I wanted red trousers instead of blue ones, I would have said so - even more annoying, is not getting any results at all. Dead ends are the worst. So try to avoid zero result pages (obviously you can’t have everything in store a searcher searches for), instead give other information on these ‘no-results’ pages. Like where visitors can go with questions or suggestions, or make a page that will help users find what they are looking for.

#2.4 One of the herd
As in many facets of life, in the world of e-commerce, people like to follow in each other’s footsteps. We can’t help acting like herd animals; we care about what others have to say about everything & anything and follow them. We like social proof. So why not add reviews to your query results, as a filter or a sorting option?

#2.5 Like a terrible two-year-old 
We like to think we never really truly grow up. Keep that child alive, deep inside. Yet some people still act like a terrible two-year-old. Saying no to everything, and wanting to do everything themselves. Just their luck, because in site search, they can! We’ll let you feel like a two-year-old again: by letting you decide how you search. Making you choose your own filters, rankings & categories, however you please.