Wanted: awesome testers for Sooqr Search

At Sooqr, we make onsite search awesome. And although we've been around for a while, we’ve recently been busy upgrading our signup process, (default) interface and backend. And we’re wondering what we could do to make them all even more awesome! That's why we're the one searching now: for people to test our product. 

Sooqr who?
With our optimised onsite search engine for both product and content, online visitors will actually find what they’re looking for. Sooqr is instant & relevant and comes with extended filtering, sorting and promotional options. As a website owner, you’re in complete control of the ranking of queryresults, get a free 30-day trial & will gain conversion. An optimised onsite search engine like Sooqr is the ultimate e-commerce optimisation tool! 

Why bother with optimised site search? Sooqr means:

  • Ultimate speed: relevant results within milliseconds, even with > 100k products

  • Instant, improved & optimized site search for the visitor with the highest relevance, always the best match first in the results, at the wish of the retailer

  • Extended filtering, sorting and promotional options

  • instant error tolerance within queries (‘ifoon’ changes to iPhone automatically)

  • Use of synonyms for better findability of products

  • Extensive search statistics, that help understand your customers’ needs better

  • > 50 % more conversion through advanced and optimized onsite search 

  • Searchers find more, buy up to 5x more, lookup more pages, stay on-site longer, have a higher order value and come back more often.

Interested to help us out?
Simply take a look here, follow the steps and we’ll get in touch with you!

Thanks & happy testing!