Why we are changing our pricing - a Sooqr Search Timeline

From the first of March 2019, we are changing our pricing in order to ensure the highest quality of our search engine and services. Why? To make sure we can focus on what’s important: making our Sooqr site search even more awesome.

2012 - Where it all started
The first ever Sooqr implementation was done in early 2012, as a unique project for telecom retailer The PhoneHouse. The first few years the tool was very much tailored towards the needs of just a handful of clients. In 2015, the first multi-tenant onsite search tool was created and Sooqr was founded, as a selfstanding start-up. This first tool was a powerful search tool with basic functions. It fitted perfectly with the requirements of the e-commerce industry at the time.

2015 - We’re here to stay
From that moment our journey truly began. The e-commerce market grew exponentially, and Sooqr grew with it. New features were added to improve the customer’s search experience. Also, this year, the MySooqr back-end was born. It provided the perfect toolbox for our users to be in full control of their search and optimise conversion. From that moment, our main focus was on creating an even better onsite search experience, including an easy-to-use backend.

Now - Focus on happy consumers & boosting conversion
The past two years we’ve noticed a strong trend upward when looking at the use of Sooqr. We see over 85 million search requests each month, with peaks up to 5 million searches a day. Consumers consistently use our tool on a desktop and more & more on mobile.
Last year we introduced a nifty mobile-first interface (optimised for use on mobile), that continues to work perfectly on a desktop. Our key focus points for designing the new search experience focus around finding the most relevant search results instantly and flawlessly. This helps drive increased conversion on the search function and makes the customer journey more pleasant, hence creating happy consumers.

Future - Much more coming soon!
We’re planning many new features & optimisations to Sooqr this year & in the next years to come. We’re investing in new technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, to enhance the overall experience of our site search engine to make it even more relevant, personal, conversion boosting, customer friendly and awesome. Stay tuned!

March 1st, 2019 - New pricing
Our product has evolved quite rapidly and we’ve introduced many new features the past years. Yet, our pricing never changed. We want to, and will, continue to offer Sooqr at the highest possible quality and introduce many more innovations for our customers. That’s our promise to you! However, this does mean we will have to change our pricing to continue our quest for an even more awesome product and keep our promise.

The new pricing plans can be found here. If you have any questions in regards to these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. If you are an existing Sooqr customer, the new pricing will take effect from the 1st of March 2019. Your subscription will be updated and changed in correspondence to your data automatically.

Albert Mombarg
CEO Sooqr Search