Boost Conversion and Sales
of your online fashion store

You run an online fashion store with a lot of products. Clothes, shoes, and accessories. Great! But your audience is looking for that one dress in that one color in that one size. Right? So... how do you help your clients find what they're looking for? The answer is simple: with the right site search! A site search that's easy to use, relevant, and that shows results instantly.
Here at Sooqr we work with a lot of fashion strores. And the conversion improvements we see after implementing optimized site search speak for themselves. On average, a store increases its conversion rate by 40%


<strong>Speed:</strong> your site search needs to be instant.


Did you know up to 30% of visitors leave a webshop immediately if they have to wait for a page (or results to a query) to load? Sooqr loads results within 70 ms, without the need of reloading your page.

<strong>Search Ranking:</strong> the right products and info on top of your list

Search Ranking: the right products and info on top of your list

The right products on top of your results list. Place the brands you want to sell more of or the products with the most margin on top of your results list. That will help raise your conversion. Show relevant promotion banners based on queries or filters, so your audience will never miss sales.

<strong>Branding & Style:</strong> you're building a brand

Branding & Style: you're building a brand

Your site search should match the branding and style of your store. No funny overlays, just your look-and-feel. Sooqr Search integrates your templates with ease. 

<strong>Products & content:</strong> all info should be there

Products & content: all info should be there

Include style guides, blog posts, brand pages, and your support pages in your site search. Your audience needs them to base decisions on. It takes away any boundaries that are left in the decision making process.


<strong>Filters, refinements & sorting</strong> make it easy

Filters, refinements & sorting make it easy

Use instant filtering for colours, sizes, materials, and pricing. Make your audience funnel the products to the one that matches their interest. Give it some social proof by filtering on reviews or rating. Always allow your audience to sort. Standard based on relevance. But also add the option to sort on price, popularity, season and new products.

<strong>Images make the sale:</strong> show the right one(s)

Images make the sale: show the right one(s)

Searching for a "blue dress" should show a dress in blue. Not the red dress that is also available in blue. Colour is a key determinant for fashion and beauty purchases. Add a colour swatch to save time. Use mouse-over images to show more in-depth information on the products.

<strong>Synonyms and slang</strong> for credibility

Synonyms and slang for credibility

Adopt slang and synonyms within your site search. If you want to not only gain credibility with your audience but also make sure the right products show up in your site search, you need to use their language. Monitor your data to match products with the keywords your visitors enter in the search box.

Sooqr Fashion Success Stories

Sooqr helps over 1.000 stores world-wide to boost conversion. Among those are a lot of fashion stores:


‘Our conversion rate of visitors using site search is up 50.20% and revenue from those visitors is up 54.78%!’

Express Wear

‘Our pageviews from search traffic have increased by 103%’