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Sooqr is powerful, yet its pricing is simple: you pay for what you use. A subscription with Sooqr starts with Sooqr On-site Search, on which you can add-on Sooqr’s other products.

€ 0 / month

On-site Search only

Up to 1,000 Qredits

€ 55 / month

On-site Search only

Up to 10,000 Qredits

€ 110 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 25,000 Qredits

€ 170 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 50,000 Qredits

€ 250 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 100,000 Qredits

€ 330 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 150,000 Qredits

€ 415 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 200,000 Qredits

€ 500 / month

All Sooqr products included

Up to 250,000 Qredits

Custom Pricing
€ 0 / month

More than 250k Qredits or SKUs?

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You’ve already selected the number of Qredits and SKUs. You can bundle the usage for all you sites. Tell us now many sites you will use with Sooqr.

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30-day free trial
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Sooqr Conversion Optimisation Suite

Sooqr’s pricing plans are shaped on your actual needs. It starts at €50/ month, and it is billed according to your actual usage. We offer a free tier for sites with up to 1000 search queries and 100 unique items. We calculate usage in Sooqr Qredits, where 1 search query is 1 Qredit. Our pricing plans include a bundle of Qredits, additional usage (overage) is charged separately.

Sooqr Qredits
The amount of Qredits we charge is determined by the sum of all usage across the Sooqr tools you have installed, which includes search queries, recommendation impressions and/or merchandising impressions. The minimum number of Qredits we charge is determined by the average amount of unique items in your catalogue during the past month (1 Qredit = 1 SKU). When the usage in this month exceeds this number, we will only charge for usage.

  • 1 Qredit = 1 search query
  • 1 Qredit = 5 (paid) recommendation impressions
  • 1 Qredit = 1 Merchandising impression

What plan do I need?
We recommend to start with a usage bundle based on your monthly search queries. If you don’t know you search usage by heart, use the following rule of thumb:

Monthly search queries = ±80-120% of your monthly visits

For sites with a high number of products (>25.000 SKU) the search usage typically is more than 100%, as people are more inclined to start searching your (large) catalogue. When you start your 30-day free trial, you can track the actual usage on the MySooqr Dashboard to see what the appropriate bundle is to start your subscription.

Monthly vs Annual
With Sooqr, you can choose a monthly (quit any time you like), or an annual subscription. With a monthly plan, you can decide every month on the plan you need in accordance with your usage. So when you have peak season you can change to a larger bundle of Qredits and you can scale down during slower months. With an annual subscription, you save ±10% on your subscription price. You decide upfront what bundle you need based on the average usage on your site. You can scale up during the year to a larger bundle for specific months, and scale back to the annual bundle you signed up for. The subscription fee and overage (if applicable) will be charged monthly.

We offer a 30-days free trial (no credit card needed!), and you will be assisted by our world-class customer success team from the first steps.

Still unsure? Easily check your potential return on investment with our On-site Search ROI Calculator

The fine print

30-day Free Trial
If you are not satisfied after your 30-day trial is over, you can remove Sooqr easily, without any trouble, with no questions asked & with no credit card details needed. 

Billed without hidden costs
We do not make complicated formulas to determine our pricing. Prices are based on the number of products (SKUs), visits, and impressions in your shop, and you have a budget of searches per month. Our pricing is transparent and you will be able to know upfront how much Sooqr will cost you, as our billing is without hidden costs. 

Do you have multiple shops or sites (e.g. multiple domains or languages)?
You can bundle multiple sites in a subscription as long as they all belong to the same shop, i.e. use the same catalogue. For example this includes separate country domains, multiple languages, B2C/B2B, etc. We charge €50/month for each additional site and the combined usage is charged to the subscription plan. The minimum bundle charged is defined by the sum of unique items in the catalogues for each site.

Questions about our pricing plans?

Check out our FAQ section or visit our Support Center for more information. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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