Product updates

We're commited to updating and upgrading our product suite regularly in order to offer you and your customers the best usability and features. Not seeing the update you've been waiting for in this list? Please reach out to us, and we'll take it up.


Mysooqr api (2.0.119)

  • Added Squeezely integration
  • Fixed issue with banner analytics not loading

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.92)

  • Fixed Sooqr overlay scrolling issue
  • Added Squeezely integration

Search application (2.0.39)

  • Fixed issue with match all boost conditions on ranking rules


Mysooqr api (2.0.118)

  • Optimized login api endpoints

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.91)

  • Optimized login api endpoints
  • Fixed faulty datafield warnings on ranking rules page


Jobserver (2.0.30)

  • Rollback to old code to prevent namespace conflicts
  • Added streaming approach to prevent OOM on large merch feeds
  • Added skipping of identify jobs for indexes with manual datafields management

Mysooqr api (2.0.117)

  • Added manual datafields management
  • Fixed issues related to secured feed option

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.89)

  • Added manual datafields management
  • Fixed match all condition only being available for superusers


Mysooqr api (2.0.116)

  • Fixed issue for customers enabling recommendations with a bank account


Mysooqr api (2.0.115)

  • Fixed issue while saving preferences & design on an index with multiple views


Search application (2.0.38)

  • Fixed issue with filter being selected which is not visible (‘show more’)


Javascript client (2.0.31)

  • Fixed issue where query hash is removed when both a filter & fixed-filter were active but no search query was set

Search application (2.0.37)

  • Added sanitization to query to remove special characters

Analytics api (1.0.4)

  • Fixed empty values issue in the narrative


Javascript client (2.0.29)

  • Fixed issue in query hash when no search query was set
  • Fixed styling issue with useInput option on dual slider filters


Search application (2.0.35)

  • Added Squeezely integration
  • Added useInput option to dual slider filter
  • Fixed issue with ‘personal’ boolean sometimes being empty

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.87)

  • Added useInput option to dual slider filter

Javascript client (2.0.28)

  • Added Squeezely integration
  • Added useInput option to dual slider filter

Platform Alarm Notifier (1.0.2)

  • Restricted doccount warnings; specific customers only (Sooqr admin)


Search application (2.0.34)

  • Refactored filters code
  • Refactored promotion rules code
  • Refactored sort fields code
  • Fixed issue with manual sort not working on numeric fields
  • Fixed issue with filter still collapsing if value was selected

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.86)

  • Fixed issue when trying to edit a filter
  • Fixed issue with drag and dropping manual sort filters
  • Fixed validation issue on username when using a secured datafeed
  • Fixed issue when adding multiple filter conditions to 1 filter rule

Mysooqr api (2.0.114)

  • Changed maximum amount of filter rules from 100 to 350
  • Added get full name api


Javascript client (2.0.27)

  • Fixed issue in query hash without search fields


Search application (2.0.33)

  • Fixed issue with manual sort order when values were not sorted

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.85)

  • Fixed validation issue on username when using a secured datafeed


Search application (2.0.32)

  • Changes to support Integration JSON config, with fallback for existing POC customers
  • Fix for issue when two Filter Rules target the same conditional filter the conditional filter is unclickable


Javascript client (2.0.24)

  • Fixed excluding in filter rules not working

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.83)

  • Recommendations trial does not need billing details anymore
  • Made users dropdown searchable in first time login (admin only!!)

Mysooqr api (2.0.112)

  • Recommendations trial does not need billing details anymore


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.81)

  • Implemented Typescript
  • Refactored various components
  • Added banner click analytics graph on dashboard
  • Changed format of synonyms file import/export
  • Allow only numeric fields for dual slider
  • Added new roles to user management (index-analyst, developer)
  • Refactored filter rules pages
  • Refactored promotion rules pages

Mysooqr api (2.0.111)

  • Added banner clicks api
  • Added support for new roles (index-analyst, developer)


Mysooqr api (2.0.109)

  • Fixed issue while creating new subscription


Recommendations api (1.0.18)

  • Added open_in_new_tab option to config api

Recommendations frontend (1.0.10)

  • Added open_in_new_tab functionality

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.80)

  • Added open in new tab option on recommender containers
  • Added trimming of spaces to forgot password form

db version control (1.0.19)

  • Added open_in_new_tab column to recommendation containers table

Mysooqr api (2.0.108)

  • Added open_in_new_tab functionality to recommender containers

Javascript client (2.0.23)

  • Show filter bar when show_all_values is enabled on filter


Mysooqr api (2.0.103)

  • Removed check if index is active before running configbuilder
  • Fixed issue while syncing SKU’s to chargify
  • Added Hubspot integration for FTL

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.78)

  • Added Hubspot integration for FTL
  • Added sitesearch URL’s for wizard/step-by-step
  • Fixed issue with synonyms validation on special characters
  • (sooqr admin-only) Opening the users list of a site (in tools->sites) now highlights the user that created the index


Mysooqr api (2.0.99)

  • Improved synonyms validation

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.77)

  • Improved synonyms validation
  • Refactored login UI
  • Enable enter to submit on login page


Mysooqr api (2.0.98)

  • Added policy to merchandising access (BETA)
  • Added ‘analyst’ & ‘developer’ user roles
  • Fixed issue while syncing recommender impressions with Chargify
  • Only return the top 25 most clicked products in recommender analytics
  • Added new Chargify webhook to handle bank account updates

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.76)

  • Added admin-only button to full-pull feed refresh (BETA)
  • Added admin-only datafeed structure to all feed types (BETA)
  • Added ‘analyst’ & ‘developer’ user roles
  • Deprecated ‘user’ role
  • Limited user management to ‘admin’ role
  • Fixed issue with menu icons while switching indexes
  • Fixed issue with order of basic datafields


Mysooqr api (2.0.97)

  • Fixed issue while creating filters in first time login


Javascript client (2.0.22)

  • Refactored banner clicks analytics


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.75)

  • Only ask for billing info after a certain amount of days
  • Revised merchandising page (BETA)
  • Removed consent modal on recommendations for demo accounts

Mysooqr api (2.0.96)

  • Changed from GET to HEAD to calculate feed size to prevent downloading whole feed
  • Added creation of default search fields in first time login

Javascript client (2.0.21)

  • Added filter search

Search application (2.0.28)

  • Added filter search


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.74)

  • Updated text on merchandising pages
  • Added ‘register’ button on login page
  • Updated links to new homepage url structure


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.73)

  • Added auto refresh of feed history after refreshing
  • Refactored login/forgot password pages
  • Disabled payment info & datafeed section for demo accounts
  • Added first time login

Mysooqr api (2.0.95)

  • Added more strict validation on synonyms
  • Added cron to periodically sync recommender impressions to chargify
  • Added various first time login api endpoints


Javascript client (2.0.19)

  • Added banner click analytics
  • Added faultyResponse parameter to analytics to indicate whether the query succeeded or not
  • Replaced accessibility tag role="alert" with aria-live="polite"


Mysooqr frontend

  • Changed menu ui
  • Changed text when adding new filter rule
  • Added new billing info page with company info
  • Fixed ‘+’ sign next to queries without results that already had a synonym
  • Added company selector to add new site
  • Added spinning animation to refresh data feed button when it is refreshing

Mysooqr api

  • Added company details api
  • Added api to change billing info
  • Replaced gearman with SQS for jobserver updates

Jobserver (2.0.28)

  • Added logging of collections manager errors
  • Added delta feed update capabilities
  • Added filter to strip empty values from multivalued fields
  • Removed config- & css-builder
  • Replaced Gearman with SQS

Searchapp (2.0.27)

  • Fixed issue with filter rules on non-existing filters

Merchandising public api (1.0.1)

  • Added logging of all merch requests to a bucket
  • Replaced Gearman with SQS
  • Refactored catalog import to use timestamped approach


Searchapp (2.0.26)

  • Fixed filter rules not working


Javascript client (2.0.18)

  • Fixed Sooqr not working in safari ios 12.2


Merchandising public api (1.0.0)

  • Initial release

Query manager (1.0.0)

  • Initial release

Jobserver (2.0.26)

  • Added more detailed logging when jobserver update fails
  • Added delta feed capabilities
  • Disabled automatic rescheduling of never-identified datasources

Searchapp (2.0.25)

  • Added negative query match and phrase match for ranking rules


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.66)

  • Enabled appcues (BETA)
  • First time login improvements
  • Added wildcard options to preferences & design
  • Added sue icon (BETA)
  • Added data feed refresh success/failure message

Mysooqr api (2.0.85)

  • Added urlencoding to banner rules
  • Added get latest datasource refresh result endpoint
  • Added fallback in css builder for custom templates still using default css


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.65)

  • Added initial v2 client template (BETA)
  • First time login improvements (BETA)
  • Added feed structure button on datafeed card (admin only!!)
  • Added query tester for custom templates (admin only!!)
  • Added personalization sliders for Topdrinks
  • Fixed bug while changing clickrank slider as user
  • Refactored trial bar notification

Mysooqr api (2.0.83)

  • Added css compiler in mysooqr
  • Added config builder in mysooqr
  • Added new endpoint to get feed size
  • Added new endpoint to get datasource structure
  • First time login improvements (BETA)

Javascript client (2.0.15)

  • Changed rgb to rgba in correct format to fix syntax error


Searchapp (2.0.24)

  • Fixed issue with filters not appearing.


Searchapp (2.0.23)

  • Added personalisation mappings


Recommendations frontend (1.0.8)

  • Fixed formatting of price when hiding currency symbol


Javascript client (2.0.14)

Analytics api (1.0.3)

  • Fixed error on product details endpoint


Mysooqr api (2.0.82)

  • Fixed issue giving consent for recommendations when not paying via creditcard
  • Changed maximum amount of filters from 100 to 350


Mysooqr api (2.0.80)

  • Changed maximum amount of filters from 100 to 200


Mysooqr api (2.0.79)

  • Fixed search in tag & push words

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.64)

  • Empty filters in sooqr results will now be hidden


Mysooqr api (2.0.78)

  • Fixed various issues regarding user management (BETA)


Mysooqr analytics

  • Updated conditions on when to send email
  • Updated email html

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.63)

  • Added hubspot snippet

Mysooqr api (2.0.76)

  • Fixed error while trying to import emptry string synonym
  • Searches within mysooqr are now restricted to basic fields


Searchapp (2.0.21)

  • Added 30 sec expiration to personalization cache


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.62)

  • Added ability to import synonyms (csv)
  • Changed size of navigation bar
  • Implemented new analytics api endpoints
  • Fixed various bugs in personalization boosts

Mysooqr api (2.0.75)

  • Added import synonyms api
  • Improved syncing of SKU’s to Chargify

Searchapp (2.0.20)

  • Added personalization integration with ShoppingMinds
  • Upgraded AMI & PHP version to 7.4

Javascript client (2.0.13)

  • Hide filters without values by default
  • Added complete result object to trackQuery event

Analytics api (1.0.2)

  • Added max records parameter to endpoints


Mysooqr api (2.0.74)

  • increased timeouts of cron/commands to 15 minutes


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.61)

  • Fixed various permissions issues
  • Added new personalisation boost options for ShoppingMinds integration
  • Refactored delete (popup) modal
  • Fixed scrolling issue while using Sooqr in MySooqr
  • Fixed various bugs while switching indexes


Mysooqr api (2.0.73)

  • Fixed issue creating new sort fields
  • Changed validation on width settings to allow strings


Mysooqr api (2.0.72)

  • Creating a new index now triggers css & js builders, as well as a datafeed refresh
  • Deleting an index now deletes the collection from solr
  • Added option to delete index-admin users in user management
  • Added creation of default filters & sort fields when creating new index
  • Added option to enable shoppingminds integration based on index option
  • Added triggering of configbuilder when an index option changed

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.60)

  • Fixes & Updates to first time login (BETA)
  • Added access to site search for editor roles
  • Fixed permissions on recommender
  • Added more personalisation boosts for shoppingminds integration
  • Fixed scrolling in sooqr results when in mysooqr
  • Fixed white screen when switching indexes with different permissions

Javascript client (2.0.12)

  • Added shopping minds id to search query when shoppingminds integration is enabled in snippet
  • Added tooltip functionality to filters

Analytics api (1.0.1)

  • changed timeout from 6 secons to 30 seconds


Mysooqr api (2.0.71)

  • Added api to create site as a user
  • Added ability to delete/edit admin roles in user management
  • Added api to filter recommender on no images
  • Changed sorting in datasource schedule history to sort by time started instead of time ended
  • Fixed translations not defaulting back to original string

Mysooqr frontend (2.0.59)

  • Added /sign-up (register form) (BETA)
  • Added ability to delete/edit admin roles in user management (BETA)
  • Added confirm email page
  • Fixed date sorting on analytics

db version control (1.0.15)

  • Added column for filtering recommenders on no image


Mysooqr api (2.0.70)

  • When creating a new site, adding a user is now optional (admin-only)


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.58)

  • Fixed issue not being redirected to login screen after session expires


Mysooqr frontend (2.0.57)

  • Notification messages with emails are now clickable
  • Refactored analytics to use new analytics-api

Analytics api (1.0.0)

  • Initial release