Sooqr Recommendations

instantly recommends your visitors with the products they want , but didn't know yet.

Recommendations in 50 seconds

Recommendations in 50 seconds

Boost your webshop’s performance with Sooqr Recommendations. Allow your consumers to discover your full product catalogue and offer them instant and relevant products to add to their basket.

Onsite recommendations

Sooqr Recommendations adds product recommendation carousels to your webshop allowing your visitors to discover the full width of your product portfolio. You can use Recommendations to show your customers alternative products that fit their needs, to help them find the ultimate product, or provide reassurance that the product they selected is perfect. You can also show products that are related to the product that’s currently being viewed to add to their basket. And of course you can also use product recommendations on your homepage to show seasonal items or items with a special discount.

Sooqr Recommendations offers you an elaborate set of tools to customize your webshop’s customer journey, and infuse it with relevant product recommendations. This way you increase the willingness to buy and increase the basket value at the same time. You can choose from 3 types of recommendations that you can configure to your liking:

  • Manual recommendations: you decide on each product to be shown in your recommendation carousel

  • Attribute-based recommendations: shows recommendations based on a predefined set of attributes.

  • Product-based recommendations: shows recommendations based on the product that is being viewed

With these three types of recommendations you can configure a variety of recommendations for the different needs that your webshop will have over time. For each type, you can easily configure their settings in MySooqr.



With the configuration options for Sooqr Recommendations, you can customize the recommendation results to your likings. To help you get started, we’ve defined some key examples of typical recommendations that you may want to use:

Related products

Jessica sells sportswear. She wants to show related products on the product detail page. With Sooqr Recommendations she uses the ‘product line’ attribute,  the ‘main category’  attribute and the ‘gender’ attribute to show products related to the one product the visitor browses. Since adding these products visitors add extra products to their carts to get the full outfit.

Alternative products

Alternative products

Simon sells gardening tools. Visitors have a hard time picking the right tools. That’s why Simon shows alternative products on the product detail page. On the product detail page, he uses Sooqr Recommendations to show products in the exact same category and the same brand in order to show alternatives to the product the visitor is browsing.

Additional products

Additional products

Martin sells seeds, a very seasonal product. Usually, visitors buy just a small number of types of seeds. That’s why Martin uses Sooqr Recommendations to show other seeds with exactly the same seeding period, so people tend to buy additional types of seeds.

Seasonal products

Seasonal products Julia sells women’s clothing. She wants to emphasize products that are perfect for the current season. With Sooqr Recommendations she sets up a carousel with recommenders for products based on the current season. She only wants to show the products of her best selling brand LadiesWear, which gives her the most margin.

Gift ideas

Gift ideas Marc sells toys in his online store. He noticed many people are looking for smaller gifts for children. That’s why he set up a carousel that shows products with gifts between 10 and 25 euros, especially for kids in the age range between 8 and 12. Visitors can now easily get new ideas for smaller gifts.

On-sale products

On-sale products Harold sells shoes. During the sales period, he wants to emphasize the discounted shoes on the homepage in a higher segment. With Sooqr Recommendations he sets up a carousel with products where the attribute sales=true, a price higher than 150 euros and sets the order to random, to increase the chance of people seeing what they are looking for.

In the spotlight

In the spotlight Stan owns a webshop that offers underwear. He noticed certain men’s shorts take account for 35% of his turnover, so he wants to emphasize them on the homepage. He uses the Manual Recommender to show these exact products to new visitors, making him an extra 10% profit.

Live within 5 minutes

Setting up a recommendation carousel will only take a few minutes of your time. You don’t have to upload any (new) product information, as we will use the already available product data from your existing Sooqr Site Search subscription. 

  1. In MySooqr, you set-up a recommendations container, which corresponds with the location of the recommendations carousel on your website. You can define the basic layout preferences for the recommendations carousel in MySooqr. When you include the container in your css, the design of the carousel will perfectly match the design of your website.

  2. For each carousel, you can define one or more recommendation types (Manual, Attribute-based, Product-based), and you choose the ordering of results. You can schedule the recommendations to match the season or specific campaign timing. 

  3. The final step is to insert the code snippet into the preferred location on your site and that’s where the recommendations carousel will be shown.

Sooqr Recommendations uses your existing sites search datafeed, so you don’t have to make any changes to your catalogue. You can set any of your existing product attributes to configure your recommendation carousel and our advanced search algorithm will do the rest.

Try it out for free

You can try out Sooqr Recommendations for free during the first 30 days. Just set-up your first recommendations carousel and start experimenting with it. After the first 30 days, the costs for Recommendations will be added to your Site Search subscription invoice. Recommendations will be charged on a monthly basis, based on the amount of impressions of the Recommendations on your site. The pricing ranges from €0.10-2.50 per 1000 impressions. You can find the full pricing information here. An active Site Search subscription is required to start your 30-day free trial.