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Getting started with Sooqr is easy and... it comes in three flavors: Commerce SearchContent Search and Sooqr for Magento. In order to work with Sooqr we do need a datafeed, we don't crawl. 

Sooqr for Magento

Sooqr for Magento

Blazing fast, highest relevance and no pressure on your Magento database. Sounds great, doesn't it? It's exactly what Sooqr is. Sooqr will make the visitors at your Magento webshop find what they are looking for, quick and easy.

Sign up for your 30 day-no credit card-no questions asked-FREE trial of Sooqr Search. It’s easy to set up and it will give your visitors the site search they need. There is absolutely no setup-fee!

IMPORTANT: Setting up Sooqr is not an automated process at this moment, but we are working on that. It could take 3 days for us to set your Sooqr up (but mostly it will be the same day). But please, don't hasitate to start your trial, it's worth the wait!

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Have something to add to Sooqr? Become our BPF!

Have something to add to Sooqr? Become our BPF!

'Best Partner Forever' that is, but of course you knew that already. Sooqr Search loves to work with the best ecommerce and website agencies in the world as well as the best technology firms. Whenever you think Sooqr could give your clients that little extra, or we could complement eachother, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be here to help you get Sooqr Search up and running for your clients quickly.