Promotion Rules:
Use your search engine as a marketing machine

Promotion Rules really make the difference from simply using your onsite search engine as just that, and as an optimized one. With these rules, you are able to use your Sooqr Search Engine as an extra marketing tool for your webshop (or website).

Based on certain queries or filters, you can promote products, brands, and sales items, by showing graphical banners at the top of a results list. Seasonal sale? Excessive stock? Promotional deal? A new brand you want to highlight? Anything you want to put an emphasis on, you are able to do so with our Promotion Rules.

Why should you use Promotion Rules?

To make your customers aware of the brands, products, items and/or promotions you want them to see first. Take when searching for “tandpasta” (toothpaste), you’ll see tubes of toothpaste as the result to the query, and because of the great use of a Promotion Rule,  you can’t miss the banner at the top that promotes the brand “Sensodyne”,  that is now on offer, up to 30% off.

Promotion_Rules_Drogist uses Promotion Rules in a different way: when searching for “Casa Safra”, a banner appears saying “Unfortunately we do not sell Casa Safra. But have you heard of affordable great Spanish wines by Baron de Lion? A lot of customers are a fan!” This way, instead of giving their customers zero results to their query (and the chance to exit the shop immediately), Wijnbeurs offers their searching customers an alternative. 


Promotion Rules are one of the features that make your onsite search optimized. Taking it from a search engine to a conversion-boosting machine. Not using them yet, but keen to try? Don’t know where to start? Schedule a free optimization session with our Customer Success Team, and they’ll gladly get you started. 

Prefer to try yourself? Take a look at our how-to video. It will guide you through all the steps of setting up your Promotion Rules..