Ranking Rules:
An effective way to promote the products you want to sell

With Ranking Rules, you let your Sooqr show the products that matter to you the most within a result list, as these rules allow you to influence the scoring of specific products, brands and/or content. A Ranking Rule can demote or boost these products based on a specific query or date. The start and end date of the Rules are optional (you can e.g. implement rules for the holiday season only).

Why use Ranking Rules?

Ranking Rules are a simple and highly effective way to use your onsite search engine as a conversion-boosting machine. You are able to influence what your searching visitors see, while they still find what they are looking for, instantly. As a retailer, you are in complete control, in the same way you would if you were personally selling a product to a customer - in a physical shop. Here, you would put certain brands, products and sale items you want to promote on show, wouldn’t you? With Promotion Rules you can do the same thing within your onsite search engine.

Say, for instance, you have your own house brand as an alternative to branded products. You’d like these products to be shown when your visitors are searching for branded products. You know that searching visitors have an intent to buy; as they are looking for a specific product (or brand or piece of content), so influencing them within the results to their query is crucial to boost conversion.

It’s a win-win situation: you promote the product you want to sell the most and your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Products to boost (or demote) with Ranking Rules:

  • Your own products (versus third party products)

  • Products that you’ve got on sale or promotion

  • Seasonal products (promote) vs out-of-season products (demote)

  • Products of a certain brand you want to put more emphasis on (such as your own house brand)

  • Products with a high margin 

  • Products you have a high volume of in-stock (and like to sell off)

  • Products from an earlier season/promotion 

  • Products from a certain brand you won’t be selling much longer

  • Products that are near to out of stock - boost if you want to sell out, or use a ranking rule to demote these products 

Use of Ranking Rules

Some great examples of how Sooqr customers use Ranking Rules:

Ranking_Rules_OldenhofUse Ranking Rules to boost sales items

Ranking_Rules_SuperfoodsUse Ranking Rules to put more emphasis on your house brand

Ranking_Rules_British_CornershopUse Ranking Rules to demote products that are near to out of stock

Would you like to try using Ranking Rules? Take a look here to see how it is done. Or if you would like us to help you, our Customer Success team is ready for an optimization session. Simply schedule your appointment here.