Conversion Tip:
Sort out your sorting

Sorting is an important tool for your visitors to find the best match for their quest fast. Site visitors, and especially searchers, want to be able to choose things themselves. With a well-working site search engine, lots of relevant results should appear, within seconds.

But how are they shown? Low to high-priced items, newest in, popular first, season first or items on sale? Create a great customer experience and make sure your customers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly by letting them sort the results.

You, of course, decide what sorting options you’d like to give. By default, Sooqr results are shown based on relevance. But you should make sure to add sorting options that are important to your customers. Maybe you want results to be sorted by price, low to high. Or maybe high to low? Maybe you’d like to show product names from A-Z, or Z-A? Maybe you’ll let the customer sort from most recent to least recent items. These are the basic sorting options that shoppers expect on any eCommerce site. The lack of these can create quite a frustrating shopping experience.

But also think beyond the basic sorting options. Maybe in your line of business social proof is really important, and your customers want to sort by most purchased or best reviewed.

Let’s take a look at Medpets, a proud Sooqr customer. By default, I see the most relevant results for my search “cat” first. But I can also sort my results quickly by price, from low to high or high to low. I can also look for the most purchased items with one simple mouse click.


What’s more, within Sooqr, you can boost certain products when a specific sorting function is active. This puts you in full control over your search results while at the same time making sure your customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Please feel free to reach out, if you have any questions about sorting (or any other features or conversion tips). We’re happy to help make your onsite search even more awesome and boost your conversion. You can book a free optimization session with our Customer Success Team here.