Stop leaving money on the table, use synonyms for higher conversion

Synonyms are one of the most important features within optimized onsite search. Let’s take a closer look:

Different words for the same thing

In every language and dialect, we use different words for the same things. Sometimes we use completely different words, even when we mean the same actual thing like “trousers” and “pants” or “bike” and “bicycle”. For your searching visitor, this can be very annoying. Imagine looking for a pair of “trousers”, but you type in ”jeans” or “pants” instead. Both are trousers, aren’t they? Yet you get no results. This is because the search engine doesn’t use synonyms. While that’s annoying for your customer - who’s not finding what he/she is looking for - it’s even worse for you as a retailer: Products your customer can’t find aren’t being sold, making you leave money on the table.

Within MySooqr 2.0, you’re able to access your search data easily. Knowing exactly what your customers are searching for gives you all the information you need to optimize the customer journey even further. Adding synonyms should, therefore, be one of your first optimization tactics. Make it part of your routine to review the search terms used by your visitors and keep optimizing your synonyms. Because how do you expect to sell products that customers can’t find? That is the necessity of implementing synonyms into your search engine. It might be as simple as adding “bicycle” for “bike” or adding completely different words to product names.

To give an example, we recently had a chat with Kim Meuwissen, Tech project manager at Kookwinkel Oldenhof. Kim explains: “After implementing Sooqr, we discovered that our customers were searching for ‘acetaat’ a lot, which we call ‘inlegfolie’. We weren’t selling a lot of it, because our customers couldn’t find the product. Simply adding ‘acetaat’ and ‘acetaatfolie’ as synonyms to ‘inlegfolie’ fixed this problem instantly.”


Synonyms help make your search even more relevant and ensure customers always find what they're looking for. To put it into numbers, the average order value (within search) of Kookwinkel Oldenhof increased with 80% after implementing Sooqr, simply by taking a closer look at their data and the optimization of synonyms. 

Another one of our customers just recently started adding synonyms. See what happened to the number of queries without results after adding synonyms to a certain query on March 15:


The reds show queries without results, and as you can see, they dropped to 0, after adding synonyms. This is why this is so important! Do as Kim does, and make this a regular task, which in the new MySooqr 2.0 only takes a few minutes and gives you great results. It’s an easy-to-use and quick way to up your sales, make customers happier and increase your conversion.

In the near future, using AI technology, our system will be able to proactively suggest synonyms for you to add. The algorithm will continuously learn from your customers' search behaviour and make suggestions to you, that you can accept or reject, saving you even more time, while at the same time giving you full control. These actionable insights are a quick and easy way to increase your sales, make customers happier and increase your conversion. This is just a teaser, for now, more information on this will follow soon, so stay tuned.

If you would like some help with the use of synonyms, our Customer Success team is more than happy to lend a hand. Simply schedule a free optimization session here.