Your brand-new Conversion Cockpit MySooqr 2.0 is here

We just released the biggest update since I started Sooqr in 2015: MySooqr 2.0, your new conversion-boosting, upgraded backend of Sooqr. MySooqr 2.0 helps you keep tabs on your conversion and optimize your search where needed.

With this new conversion cockpit, all relevant, actionable insights are available in one overview. Saving you time, energy and money, as you won’t be digging into extended analytics for hours to find them. Now you’re able to see everything in one glance and act immediately: upgrading the customer journey, ensuring greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately, generating higher conversion rates. Within this new and improved backend, you’ll find all of the Sooqr features you know and love as well as some brand-new ones.

So, what's new within MySooqr 2.0?

The MySooqr 2.0 Optimization & Analytics Dashboard

In this new dashboard, you’re able to access:

Your Daily Conversion Update

This dashboard is your Sooqr insight-lifeline. From here, you see all relevant conversion data in one overview and are able to act on these insights immediately, to increase your conversion rate with a simple mouse click. 

The first thing you see is an up-to-date personalized summary of your search conversion performance. This data narrative tells you - in a few sentences of normal human language - how you’re doing. It’s a great way to be updated; in under 30 seconds.

Introducing: The brand-new Optimization & Analytics Dashboard

Daily Status Reports 

Within your new dashboard, you see all of your clicks and queries, all queries without results and most clicked/popular products in one clear overview. 

Checking what your customers are actually searching for, how often they click and zero-hit management are important to look at when optimizing onsite search. What are your visitors looking for, but can’t find because they get zero results on a query? You might need to add new synonyms to your list. Or take up a new product or brand that you don’t sell yet. By keeping track of all of the movements of your customers, you will get to know them better; and find out what they desire. 

With our new dashboard, all of these relevant, actionable insights are available for you in one overview. This makes it a lot easier and faster for you to upgrade your customer journey and increase conversion.

Your daily status reports


Subscription Status

Within the MySooqr 2.0 dashboard, you find all of your practical Sooqr information in one place. Information about your next automatic feed update (reload), subscription and billing details. 

Always have your practical information available at one glance


Sooqr Optimization Score 

A new feature within MySooqr is the Sooqr Optimization Score: telling you exactly how you are doing. It shows how swiftly your visitors are finding what they’re looking for. The higher the score, the greater you are doing. The Sooqr Optimization Score lets you know if your optimizations have led to better conversion. The score will be a 10 for optimal conversion, and points are taken off for areas where you can make improvements, for instance, your queries without results by adding some more synonyms to certain products. It’s an easy-to-monitor tool to take a closer look at your improvement.

With the Sooqr Optimization Score you always know exactly how you are doing

New UI - Improved look & feel!

MySooqr 2.0 is easier to use and responds faster than its predecessor. This saves you time and makes the new backend more enjoyable to use. Information is easier to find - saving you time to spend on other things - and gives the possibility to act on information faster. MySooqr 2.0 makes optimizing the onsite search engine a quick and easy task. 

The new UI saves you a lot of time while optimizing


Meet our smart search result re-ranker powered by machine learning. With Clickrank, you can base ranking automatically on the behaviour of previous visitors. The more clicks, the higher a product will end up in the results. This smart feature makes the search more relevant, and people find what they’re looking for even faster.

When visitors search within your website, Sooqr is continuously learning about their behaviour. Through machine learning, Sooqr knows which results are more relevant and current to a specific query than others. Clickrank re-ranks your search results: when your visitor clicks on certain results, Sooqr logs their behaviour; learning from your visitors what is being clicked on the most. This information is stored safely and anonymised on Sooqr servers. The next time a query is entered into your search bar that we’ve seen before, the most-clicked item(s) will automatically move up in the results list. So whilst your consumers are using the search bar, we train our system specifically to the usage on your website, resulting in more relevant results for your consumers. Sooqr will continuously learn more, and your search results will get smarter with every click.

To give you a simplified example: a visitor searches for “leather jacket”. When results to this query appear, they choose and click “Goosecraft”. This click lets Sooqr know that that product (“Goosecraft”) is relevant to that query (“leather jacket”). When you activate Clickrank, “Goosecraft” will move up slightly in your results list every time this result gets chosen after the query “leather jacket”. 

The benefits of using Clickrank

We know relevance is king within search and conversion optimization, and Clickrank helps with just that. Think of items that are more current than others (e.g. seasonal products) or items that are fashionable or hyped without you knowing. Referring to the earlier mentioned example, a summer leather jacket will be more relevant during summer months than a warm winter one. As consumers are likely to click on the summer jacket(s) more, Clickrank will automatically start moving these results to the top of the search results.

As Clickrank makes your search even more relevant, it creates a better experience for your customers. The smart feature therefore increases sales and conversion further. And the best part? It won’t cost you any extra energy or time; as you can (de)activate Clickrank with one simple mouse click within the new MySooqr 2.0.

We’re always on the lookout for (new) ways to improve search results and boost conversion. With the recent acquiring of tech from 904Labs, Clickrank is only the first step towards including smart technology within our services. Many other new features will be announced in the upcoming months!

You can enable the smart re-ranker with one simple mouse click. 

Using Clickrank in MySooqr 2.0

Clickrank is available within your sorting options in MySooqr 2.0 and is activated with one click. Of course, the feature is optional. Even if you decide not to use it just yet, our algorithms are continuously learning from your search data. So if you are not using it from the get-go, but want to do so in the future, you can. As Sooqr has already - securely - collected and analyzed the data.

Would you like us to enable this brand-new feature for you? Reach out to our Customer Success team here, and they’ll make sure to do so.

All the features you know and love

Besides new features, all current ones are an integral part of MySooqr 2.0, too. They work as you are used to, yet in an improved UI, which makes them even easier to navigate.

Synonyms - bike, bicycle or velocipede?

Are you leaving money on the table? Avoid queries without results by adding synonyms. Synonyms are easily added in the new MySooqr 2.0. In the near future, using AI technology, our system will be able to proactively suggest synonyms for you to add. The algorithm will continuously learn from your customers' search behaviour and make suggestions to you, that you can accept or reject, saving you even more time, while at the same time giving you full control. These actionable insights are a quick and easy way to increase your sales, make customers happier and increase your conversion. This is just a teaser, for now, more information on this will follow soon, so stay tuned.

For more information on synonyms and why you should use them, go here.

Ensure your customers are finding what they're looking for with synonyms.

Ranking Rules - you’re in complete control of the results

With Ranking Rules, you let your Sooqr show the products that matter to you the most within a result list, as these rules allow you to influence the scoring of specific products. A Ranking Rule can demote or boost products based on a specific query or date.

Ranking Rules are a simple and highly effective way to use your onsite search engine as a conversion-boosting machine. You are able to influence what your searching visitors see, while they still find what they are looking for, instantly.

Within MySooqr 2.0, Ranking Rules are now even easier to implement. With upgraded user experience, changing your rules takes up less of your time. The new analytics dashboard provides you with insights on the effect of your ranking rules, in an instant.

Want to know more about Ranking Rules and why you should use them? Go here.

ranking_rulesThanks to an improved interface, it’s now even faster to implement Ranking Rules

Filters (and filter rules) - narrow down the search for your customer

Increase conversion by showing relevant filters, such as shoe sizes when looking for shoes, dress sizes when looking for dresses.

Even though your Sooqr search engine provides instant, relevant and powerful results, the use of filters is still a necessity. Your searching visitors often use queries that are generic and not specific (e.g. “shoe” or “dress”). Giving them the opportunity to filter within search results will enable them to find what they’re looking for faster.

Besides the ability to implement normal filters, you can also set Filter Rules. With these rules, your filters can be matched based on the choices your visitors make; filters based upon filters. Whenever visitors select a certain filter, other filters will then be triggered, based on the Filter Rules you’ve created.

Within MySooqr 2.0, implementing and altering your Filters and Filter Rules is a quick and easy task. Thanks to the new layout and interface, you have a clear overview of your Filters and Filter Rules. Amending them is possible with a single click.

To read more about Filters and Filter Rules go here.

Filter_Rules uses filter rules to only display relevant filters to their visitors

Promotion Rules (banners - using your search as an extra marketing tool)

Promotion Rules really make the difference from simply using your onsite search engine as just that and as an optimized one. With these rules, you are able to use your Sooqr Search Engine as an extra marketing tool for your webshop.

Based on certain queries or filters, you can promote products, brands, and sales items, by showing graphical banners at the top of a results list. Seasonal sale? Excessive stock? Promotional deal? A new brand you want to highlight? Promote these brands and/or products with promotion rules.

Go here to find out more about Promotion Rules.

drogist_promotion_rules uses promotion rules to promote higher-margin products

Sorting - let your customers pick the most important information

Sorting is an important tool for your visitors to find the best match for their quest fast. With a well-working site search engine, lots of relevant results should appear, within seconds.

But how are they shown? Low to high-priced items, newest in, popular first, season first or items on sale? Create a great customer experience and make sure your customers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly by letting them sort the results.

Just as our other features, Sorting is available in MySooqr 2.0 in an improved form: The new interface makes it even easier and faster to implement new sorting functions.

Find more information on Sorting here.

Sorting is easier to implement in MySooqr 2.0

Upcoming Releases

All these improvements not only save you time, but they also make the time you do spend on optimization more effective and enjoyable. With MySooqr 2.0, you gain more insights into the behaviour of your visitors, and it’s much easier to take action and increase your conversion.

But wait, there is more! In the coming months, we’ll be releasing more new features and products. Stay tuned, as more information will follow soon.

MySooqr 2.0: better insights, higher conversion!

The upgrade to MySooqr 2.0 gives you better insight into the performance of your onsite search engine. Because, as I’m sure you know by now, products that can’t be found, will not be sold. The new conversion cockpit gives you all the tools you need to get to know searching visitors better and see if (and where) money is being left on the table. Better insights - and acting on them - makes consumers even happier, continuously improves the customer journey and boosts conversion and sales.

For any questions about MySooqr 2.0 or any conversion tips and features described in this article, please reach out to us at or by phone: +31 88 7667700.