Personalise your Site search shopping experience.

Hyper-Personalise your Site Search results.
Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*
Afbeelding voor Already *service of the partner* with *partner name*

Why *partner name* & Sooqr?

synergy #1

Ensure everyone finds what they are looking for with hyper-personalised Site search results.

With this add-on, you empower Sooqr search with your user’s behavioural data to get a 1-to-1 personalised search experience. This way, your visitors’ individual preferences are reflected in your rankings and results. This leads to a (much) smoother shopping experience and stimulates repeated purchases.

Personalised Site Search delivers Site Search results that match individual preferences and behaviours
synergy #2

Run Personalised search with Sooqr, or by integrating with your customer data platform.

You can add Sooqr Personalised search to your existing plan and we’ll take care of everything. We will integrate the customer data platform powered by our partner Shopping Minds, and analyse your historical data to build customer profiles.

Do you already have an existing DMP or CDP? Just get in touch, we have existing integrations with several well-known DMP/CDP providers.

Personalised Site Search is powered by the customer data platform or the data management platform of your choice
synergy #3

Add Personalised Site search to your Sooqr plan to give your search conversion rate and cart value the ultimate boost.

Personalised Search is an advanced extension for your search experience, and can be installed as an add-on to your current plan. Just contact our sales team to get more information, or consult our pricing page. We will guide you through every step with an onboarding, help you define the customer profiles and the optimal search configuration. Ready to bring your Site search to the next level?

Personalised Site Search gives your Site Search conversion rate and cart value a great boost.

*Partner’s unique value propositions*

1-to-1 personalised search results

With Personalised search you put your customers’ preferences first, so that every visitor is going to get different (personalised) search results. This way, you can create smoother shopping journeys and boost your repurchase and retention rates.

First time right: search less, find more

Our data shows that Personalised search reduces the numbers of searches a visitor needs to find the very product he’s looking for. This is because the search results are shaped on each individual’s preferences, making the right product easier to find.

Advanced Customer Data Platform

Data is at the core of Personalised search, and is powered by our partner Shopping Minds. If you’re already using another Customer Data Platform, then you can use one of our integrations and power your personalised searches with it.

Build your own customer profiles

Personalised search can help you enrich your customer knowledge. By looking at the patterns your visitors follow on your webshop, you can further redefine your customers profiling and targeting.

Most advanced search solution

Personalisation is nowadays a hot marketing topic. By adding Personalised search to your subscription, your webshop gets empowered with the most advanced features in the field of Site search.