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Sooqr acquires advanced A.I. technology from 904Labs

11 August 2021

Sooqr Search has acquired the A.I. for Search technology from 904Labs. The technology by the fellow Dutch company will be integrated into the current product portfolio of Sooqr, to create the ultimate onsite search and conversion experience. 

904Labs is a reputed Search Technology company, specialising in industry-wide A.I. for Search. Recently, they announced the discontinuance of their business, as both founders have chosen to proceed to different career paths. Since the founding of 904Labs in 2014, they have built a superior A.I. powered search product that makes onsite search more relevant and personal and allows for continuous optimisation of the onsite search conversion rate. 

Sooqr Search CEO, Albert Mombarg, is very content with the acquisition: ‘I’m pleased we got the opportunity to acquire this amazing A.I. technology. We’ve been partners with 904Labs for several years and have successfully collaborated on various projects. By acquiring their technology, we will deeply enhance our current product portfolio and launch new and advanced products in the near future. We will integrate the technology within our core platform, benefiting existing and future customers and provide them with the most optimal search conversion conceivable. And, in this way, we let the legacy of 904Labs live on.’

>> Update: CEO Albert Mombarg answers frequently asked questions about the 904Labs acquisition

904Labs’ decision to discontinue the company is based on personal ambitions to focus on the development of cutting edge technology, rather than manage a business. Manos Tsagkias and Wouter Weerkamp, founders of 904Labs: ‘We founded 904Labs in late 2014 and embarked on an adventure of becoming entrepreneurs, whilst holding tight to our scientist trait. By 2019, A.I. for Search has served searches from more than 15 countries and won in more than 10 A/B tests, in all of which it has proven to substantially increase search-driven revenue. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really the technology that makes us tick, not the entrepreneurship. That’s why we’ve decided to embark on new adventures and allow Sooqr to fully utilise the magic of the 904Labs technology.’

Sooqr will broaden its product portfolio with the acquisition of the 904 A.I. technology to address new market segments and expand current functionalities. The technology will deepen the A.I. expertise and expedite the current product roadmap. Sooqr Search remains the go-to provider for conversion optimisation and excellent onsite search for SMEs in The Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

If you have any questions regarding our integration with this new technology, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please contact Kylie Fletcher, +31 (0)88 766 77 00, or [email protected].

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