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Sooqr must-reads #5: How Google Works

11 August 2021

In response to #worldbookday, our troopers will be sharing their (professional) must-reads. Number five in this series is a favourite of our Richard: How Google Works, written by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg.

Richard, New Business Manager
How Google Works
By Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

’This book explains how to create a strong foundation for IA SaaS-companies in a rapidly changing environment. It does so by analysing how Google reached its current status, by setting the right sales targets, having unique marketing creativity, some smart hiring by HR and a clear financial overview. Although the book does not have the golden rule for creating a successful organization or business, it did show me the value of good leadership and how to keep your vision as wide as possible. By working together, coaching and evaluating each other, complimenting your colleagues when they’ve done a good job…it taught me that you can create the most valuable assets of an organisation that is not visible on a balance sheet: team spirit.’

In ‘How Google Works’ (former) Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg provide an insider’s guide to Google, from its business history and disruptive corporate strategy to developing a new management philosophy and creating a corporate culture where innovation and creativity thrive. Covering topics including corporate culture, strategy, talent, decision-making, communication, innovation, and dealing with disruption, the authors illustrate management maxims (‘Consensus requires dissension, Exile knaves but fight for divas, Think 10X, not 10%’) with numerous insider anecdotes.

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