Product Updates

We're commited to updating and upgrading our product suite regularly in order to offer you and your customers the most optimized site search experience. Not seeing the update you've been waiting for in this list? Please reach out to us, and we'll take it up.

Dec. 10, 2020


  • Extended dashboard default analytics stats date range to 30 days.
  • Changed limit from 15 to 30 on dashboard top queries and products.


  • Update Sooqr logo and positioning.
  • UI fix for Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 (the page would not scroll all the way down previously).
  • UI Bug fix: trial account bar previously pushed the content down and scrolling all the way was not possible.
  • Dates with 0 queries/clicks are now shown in the graphs and query/click drilldown page tables.

Data fields and sorting

  • Bug fix: sort field boosts were still applied even after being disabled.
  • Bug fix: search queries containing the words “and” or “or” sometimes returned unexpected results.
  • Bug fix: invalid decimal feed field caused upload to fail silently. It now skips the bad field and notifies the update log of the issue.


  • Performance improvements to the search endpoint by optimizing database requests.

Oct. 22, 2020


  • You can now create a synonym directly from a query without results, both on the dashboard page as well as on the analytics page. These actionable insights will save you lots of time going forward.

Data Fields

  • The data field drop-downs are now categorized into basic and custom fields. Layout fixes.

User Magement

  • When there is no site linked to a user account, it will now show a message to the user to contact the Sooqr support team.

Log In

  • Bug fixes.

Billing Information

  • The bug showing a wrong message “your account has been disabled” has been fixed.

Oct. 13, 2020

Data Feeds

  • Bug fix: Saving a data feed now correctly removes the "leave without save" prompt.
  • The dashboard now contains a card showing when the next feed update is planned.

Data Fields

  • Duplicate entries in data field drop-down menus have been removed.

Preferences and Design

  • You'll now see validation on saving your font family.


  • Timestamps are now shown in your browser time. 

Tags and Push Words

  • Layout fixes.

Sites Drop-Down

  • You'll now only see active sites in your drop-down menu (for customers using Sooqr on more than one site).

Trial Subscriptions

  • You can now easily see if you're using a trial subscription of Sooqr. This status bar also clearly indicates the end date of your trial. 

Sept. 24, 2020

Newly added data fields

  • Sooqr now automatically indexes newly added data fields.

Ranking Rules

  • The bug preventing Ranking Rules set to "maximum demote" from being applied has been fixed. You're now able to create and apply Ranking Rules with the boost factor set to "maximum demote".


  • A small group of customers previously saw a blank screen after signing into MySooqr 2.0. This has been fixed. 

Amount of search results

  • The bug preventing the amount of search results from showing in some customers' Sooqr overlays has been fixed. 

Sept. 17, 2020

Fixes with regards to Search Results and Ranking Rules behaviour 

  • After these improvements to the Ranking Rule behaviour, you're in full control of your search results and can rank them based on your business goals.

User management

  • We've built the fundaments for extended user management. In the near future, you'll be able to easily add, edit, and remove users and user permissions in your Sooqr account.

Time Zone in MySooqr API 

  • The inconsistency of UTC and CET for scheduled and manual feed refreshes has been fixed. You'll now see all of your refreshes using UTC.

Password Reset

  • You'll now see a clear confirmation after resetting your password. Previously, some customers showed a validation error despite a successful password reset.

Queries without Results export

  • This report has been optimized, and you're able to download a clean data sheet, that's easy to read and filter. 

Ranking Rules

  • A bug in the UI that prevented the "save" button from showing after adding several boost conditions has been fixed.

Custom Data Fields

  • The table scroll has been fixed, so that you now always see all of your custom data fields no matter the amount of items you added (previously: some fields didn't show in the UI for customers with a high amount of custom fields).

Sept. 9, 2020

Analytics Export

  • The analytics exports have been optimized. You're now able to export clean data sheets, that are easy to read and filter. 

Sept. 8, 2020

Billing Statements

  • Customers can now see and download the full billing history within their account. 

Ranking Rules

  • Ranking Rules can now be re-ordered using drag and drop. This enables customers to use them with the ease they are used to from Sooqr features. 

Optional Data Fields

  • The bug causing optional data fields not showing up in the 'Basic Fields' screen has been fixed.