Success Story: Boozyshop & Sooqr

“Our revenue (from search) increased by 23.57% after optimizing Sooqr”
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Who is Boozyshop?

The make-up retailer Boozyshop believes that make-up is for everyone regardless of gender or skin color and that make-up shopping should be a party. That’s why Boozyshop stands for fast delivery, personal services and that little bit extra that you do not expect.

Optimization Case: Boozyshop & Sooqr

Boozyshop has been a valued Sooqr client since 2016, and Sharmany Smet, Boozyshop’s Online Marketing & eCommerce Manager, reports great results ever since implementing Sooqr.

In June 2020,  our Sooqr Conversion Specialists helped Sharmany implement a series of optimizations in Boozyshop’s Sooqr account. To capture results of the out-of-the-box Sooqr and the optimized one, Boozyshop set up an A/B split test. After a few weeks, the results spoke for themselves:

  • Overall revenue was up by 23.57% within the optimized Sooqr
  • Conversion Rate increased by 13.13%
  • Average time on page increased by 7.87%
  • Average value per session was up by 12.09% in the optimized shop

How was the team able to achieve these conversion boosts?

The Sooqr Conversion Specialists implemented a series of optimizations with Boozyshop.

One of the first things our specialists took a look at were the queries without results. What were Boozyshop customers looking for but didn’t find any results for? Some of these no-result queries should have shown products Boozyshop sells. However, customers were looking for these products using different words and abbreviations. These were added as synonyms.

In addition, our specialists identified products that Boozyshop customers were looking for but that Boozyshop doesn’t sell (yet). Of course, Boozyshop can now look into adding these products to their inventory. But in the meantime our Conversion Specialists have added Banners with the help of Promotion Rules to the Boozyshop search engine. Instead of showing an empty no-results page, Boozyshop now leads customers to alternative products with the help of these banners.

Another optimization implemented was boosting products that are important to Boozyshop with the help of Ranking Rules. Sharmany comments that the possibility of feeding the system with relevant ranking information is one of the most important features of Sooqr and was one of the main motivations for the make-up retailer to move from the former onsite search solution to Sooqr.

Our specialists took a look at the most searched queries, gathered the brands most important to Boozyshop and boosted these with ranking rules. If you now e.g. look for fake eyelashes, you find the Boozyshop house brand on top of the results list.

In addition to manual boosting, Boozyshop was the first Sooqr client to implement Clickrank, the smart search result re-ranker powered by machine learning. With Clickrank, Boozyshop can base ranking automatically on the behaviour of previous visitors. The more clicks, the higher a product will end up in the results. This smart feature makes the search more relevant, and people find what they’re looking for even faster. It’s also a big time saver for Boozyshop. Now, foundations with SPF are automatically ranked higher during summer (as people click on them more often), and Sharmany doesn’t have to implement a series of ranking rules to cater to seasonalities.

Our Sooqr Conversion Specialists then took a look at the filters and added more relevant and more dynamic filters, which is crucial to create an excellent customer experience and making sure Boozyshop customers find what they’re looking for fast. Customers that look for a “foundation” can now filter the many results for specific skin type or skin problems.

Last, our Conversion Specialists noticed that content pages weren’t part of Boozyshop’s search results. When customers were looking for “email” or “return”, they wouldn’t find any results. Adding these content pages to the search results significantly improves the customer experience on the website.

Test Results

Boozyshop has seen their conversion increase ever since implementing Sooqr. But now, with a fully optimized search engine, they see even better results: revenue (from search) increased by 23.57% after optimizing Sooqr. Online Marketing & eCommerce Manager Sharmany remarks “We’re very happy with Sooqr, and I am very likely to recommend it to others.”

Curious to see what Sooqr can do for you?

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