Success Story: Care & Sooqr

‘Sooqr shortens the customer journey, because visitors actually find what they’re looking for very quickly’
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Founded in 1995, CARE is one of the oldest ‘online’ companies of the Netherlands. Through the years they’ve kept a close eye on, implemented and run with all of the changes and developments that have come along since the birth, rise and expansion of the internet and eCommerce business. They make websites, intranet and web applications for several eCommerce companies and local governments, mainly within the Netherlands.

René Janssen has been working at CARE since 2017 as (online) services advisor. He has been the link between the company and Sooqr from the start. Together, we have implemented Sooqr into several municipality websites within the CARE portfolio, among which

‘The most powerful feature of Sooqr is that you can influence the results to a query’

René Janssen, Online services advisor CARE

René Janssen, Online services advisor CARE

‘For CARE, I’ve been working closely with several Dutch municipalities since 2017. And for over 20 years with the local Dutch government. At CARE, I’m the first person to get in touch with the different ‘gemeentes’ (municipalities in Dutch). I came across Sooqr while working at the municipality of Vianen, before moving to CARE. I was on the lookout for the best search solution for their website, found Sooqr, started using it and have been pushing other websites to try it ever since. Why? Because it works. Sooqr shortens the customer journey massively because visitors actually find what they are looking for very quickly. Especially within local government websites, this is very important, as visitors are looking for crucial information. Also, because these websites deal with sensitive information, it is great that Sooqr meets all accessibility rules and is GDPR-compliant.’

Instant search: Sooqr only needs one keystroke to serve relevant results.

Why Sooqr?

‘Sooqr makes it very easy for residents of Vaals (and all other visitors of the different websites we’ve implemented Sooqr on) to find the content they need – fast. The main reason I love the tool is because of the speed: Sooqr gives instant results. If you look at the homepage, we use the ‘top task’ philosophy, meaning the most requested information is placed on the page. If visitors can’t find what they’re looking for there, they use the search bar. And here their ‘search journey’ is swift, because as soon as they type ‘pas’ (when looking for ‘passport’), they’ll see results instantly. It really makes life easier if you spend 30 minutes each week on checking your search stats in the Sooqr backend. This information is very useful, as it gives you an insight into what people are looking for. Acting on that information is very valuable!’

‘The most powerful feature of Sooqr is that you can influence the results to a query. For content search this is nice, but within the eCommerce industry, this really can make a huge difference and boost conversion. Gemeente Vaals used Google Site Search as their default search engine before Sooqr; the search with the ads in it. I told them: get rid of Google, just use Sooqr! I make sure to get all of our new customers to take a close look at their onsite search and introduce them to Sooqr. At the moment we have implemented Sooqr into 17 of our municipality websites. We have no complaints, are very pleased and would recommend Sooqr Search to anyone!

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