Success Story: Medpets & Sooqr

‘Searchers now find what they are looking for - quickly’
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Medpets is a Dutch online animal pharmacy, founded in 2007. They have online stores based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK and sell medical supplies, supplements, food and care products for pets. Besides products catering specifically to benefit the health of pets, they also sell a wide range of everyday products for your pet, such as food bowls, leashes and scratching poles. Sander van Westen is Online Marketeer & CRO specialist at Medpets and responsible for the conversion optimization of the online shop. He is the connection between Sooqr and Medpets.

‘With Sooqr, you are able to optimize your onsite search significantly within a short amount of time’

Sander van Westen, Online Marketeer & CRO specialist Medpets

Easy implementation

‘The implementation of Sooqr within the Medpets webshop was done fairly fast, all we needed to provide was a product feed. In return, we were given a piece of Javascript code to add to the website, which we were able to do swiftly. After Sooqr was added to the webshop, we had a few additional wishes to optimize the search further, such as the ranking of certain queries within the search results. We were given an online demo by Sooqr, with information on all the different optimization possibilities and functionalities. Afterwards, we were able to add and implement these functionalities ourselves. The few minor things we weren’t able to change ourselves were taken care of by Sooqr Customer Support’.

Misspelled searches will show close queries for the visitors.

Results after implementation

‘After Sooqr went live on the websites, we immediately saw changes in the usage of our searching visitors. In the first place, the percentage of search refinements decreased. Meaning, that since the implementation of Sooqr, fewer people start searching for a second query, after starting their search. So you could say that searchers using Sooqr find what they are looking for quicker. Also, since we’ve started using Sooqr, the time on site by searching visitors has increased. This also is very positive, as this means these visitors don’t exit the website as fast as other users after they’ve entered a query. And finally, the most valuable thing about Sooqr is that our conversion rate within search is up. More visitors finding what they are looking for, means more sales for us.’

‘Using Sooqr has definitely given us several advantages. Now, products are automatically indexed with a search. We like this, as before Sooqr, we had to add these manually, which was time-consuming and if we didn’t add attributes, certain products weren’t visual with certain queries. Another big plus is the ability to alter search results. This makes it possible to exclude or push certain products and influence ranking. We’re now also able to implement certain rules to alter the sorting of search results. The Sooqr backend gives us more insight, as we’re able to see all queries without results. In this way, we can act on this information and push certain products, brands or categories with certain queries. Giving our searching visitors an alternative, in the case of us not selling the exact product they are searching for.’

‘I would recommend Sooqr to everyone who owns an online shop including an onsite search engine that isn’t working optimally. With Sooqr, you are able to optimize your onsite search significantly within a short amount of time. It increases the user experience and makes your webshop much more user-friendly, not just for searching visitors, but also for marketers controlling the optimization process in the backend. Also, for us, Sooqr increases conversion.’

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