Success Story: Kookwinkel Oldenhof & Sooqr

‘Our conversion rate (within search) increased by 67% after implementing Sooqr’
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Family business Oldenhof has been active in the world of cooking since 1821. In a smithy in Zwolle (The Netherlands) large cast-iron stoves were made and in the attached store all kinds of tools were sold, hand-fabricated by Oldenhof. In the next centuries, the company focused more and more on cooking utensils and techniques. In 2002, they even founded their own publishing house, Good cook. Since 2005 the entire collection is available online, too, at Nowadays, Oldenhof has grown into an established high-end (web) retailer with great quality and exclusive cookware. In late 2017, Oldenhof started using Sooqr as their onsite search engine for

‘Sooqr is fast, their support is very good & it’s easy to optimize your results’

Kim Meuwissen, Technical Project Manager Oldenhof

Kim Meuwissen, Technical Project Manager Oldenhof

‘I am responsible for the technical functionality and development of our webshop, but also for the logistical system behind it, as well as all the automation in the physical stores (such as stock management, register and purchase systems). In 2017, we completely renewed our website and went from an old customised website to a Magento 2 one. We were one of the first brands to go live with Magento 2 and had loads of struggles and suffered many problems. One of the main problems was the search engine. The Magento default search engine wasn’t working properly and caused a lot of frustration for our customers. We needed a new solution and were suggested SOOQR as they were one of the first providers to introduce a Magento 2 extension. On our side it was very easy, we received clear instructions from Sooqr and they were always quick to answer any questions we had.’

Oldenhof often uses promotional banners in the search engine to communicate sales.

Average order value (within search) +80% after implementing Sooqr

(Remarkable) Findings

We use all the different Sooqr features often. The queries without results are very clarifying to be able to look into. When we just started with Sooqr, we noticed that one of the most frequent queries without results was ‘air fryer’. This was a product we didn’t sell, and because we saw how many people were looking for one, we actually added the product to our range. Sooqr also gives you information on synonyms; our customers ended up searching for ‘acetaat’ a lot, which we call ‘inlegfolie’. Simply adding ‘acetaat’ and ‘acetaatfolie’ as synonyms to ‘inlegfolie’ fixed this problem instantly. Another remarkable finding was that many users were looking for ‘vergelijkingslijst’ (comparison feature). This showed us that this feature wasn’t easy to find within our website and the finding made us upgrade it, to make it more visible on the site. As soon as the 2.0 version went live, all queries for ‘vergelijkingslijst’ vanished!’

Conversion (within search) + 67% after implementing Sooqr

Why Sooqr?

‘Before Sooqr, we had an inhouse built search on our old website and Magento standard search when we went live with our Magento 2 website. We had to switch when we decided to go with Magento, simply because our inhouse version wasn’t suitable for Magento. At first, we went with Magento standard search. We soon found out how bad it was, so we decided to switch to Sooqr. And it’s a good thing we did: our average order value (within search) increased by 80% after implementing Sooqr. And our conversion rate (within search) elevated with 67%. With Sooqr we can also give our own brands priority above other brands through the search results. The thing we use often is the option to put promotional banners in the search engine, to communicate sales. This works really well!. We’ve been using Sooqr for 2,5 years now and we’re very happy! I would very likely recommend Sooqr to others. I have, as a matter of fact, advised the SaaS tool to some other retailers who wanted to make the switch to Magento 2.’

Synonyms help make your search even more relevant and ensure customers always find what they’re looking for.

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