Success Story: Tegelmegashop & Sooqr

‘Our conversion within search with Sooqr is 400% higher than the overall rate within the shop’
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Tegelmegashop is an online retailer in tiles, sanitary, bathroom & kitchen appliances and sanitary ware for the consumer market. They strive to find the perfect tile for everyone – whether you’re looking for something for your dream toilet, kitchen, bathroom, living room or outside terrace. Their assortment is extended and diverse: an optimal balance between materials, colours, sizes, finishes, pricing and most of all, styles. Michel van de Wiel is Project Manager at Lakefields and together with Kevin Houben, Online marketing Tegelmegashop, the connection between Sooqr and Tegelmegashop.

‘I would most definitely recommend Sooqr to others.’

Michel van de Wiel, Project Manager Lakefields

Why Sooqr?

‘The great thing about Sooqr is that it is now much easier for our customers to find products. When we compare Sooqr to our former search engine, where countless results to a query would be left out of a result list, it certainly does the job. By adding synonyms, we’ve been able to optimize several queries. Also, the speed – near instant – is a major improvement compared to the default Magento search. Before Sooqr, we used the Magento default search engine. It didn’t meet our expectations, as the results to queries were limited and finding the correct product ended up being quite difficult. We’re very happy we made the switch and are even thinking of getting a custom Sooqr template in the near future, so the search engine is completely immersed into the shop’s interface.

The implementation of Sooqr went well. The tool was installed by our Magento partner and they helped us compile the product feed. As Tegelmegashop has both a Dutch and Belgium shop, there were a few minor issues straight after the implementation, but after getting into contact with Sooqr Support Team, these were solved within no time.’

By using synonyms, Tegelmegashop ensures all related (or misspelt) queries are findable for visitors.

Love for synonyms

‘One of our favourite features is that you are able to add synonyms. At Tegelmegashop we use a lot of different kinds of spelling for certain words, such as colours (like antracite, anthracite and antraciet). By using synonyms, we have made sure all of our related (or misspelt) queries are findable for our visitors.

Due to the coronavirus and lockdown, consumers are deciding to invest more in their home (and garden). So during these months, we’ve actually seen an increase in our revenue, conversion rate and AOV. Sooqr makes sure our customers find what they are looking for fast and this has definitely helped with the increase in our revenue and conversions. In April 2020 the conversion within search – with Sooqr – was 400% higher than the overall rate within the shop!

I would most definitely recommend Sooqr to others. The search is fast and being able to influence the outcome to a query really is a massive plus: as a retailer you are in control and your customers find what they are looking for.’

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