Success Story: Vendic & Sooqr

‘We’re a fan of Sooqr! We saw conversion increase by 69.21%’
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Vendic develops Magento 2 webshops. Migrating webshops from Magento 1 (or other platforms) to Magento 2 and helping existing shops with development and support is what they do best. And ultimately: support shops with growth strategies. One of their customers is Huissteden, a sewing specialist from Barneveld (the Netherlands). In 2017, Huissteden saw their online sales increase, yet at the same time they were struggling with their Magento 1 webshop, as it clearly was in need of an upgrade. Together with Vendic, they decided on a new look & feel, an optimisation of the navigation and user experience of the shop. Now, over 3 years after the introduction of their Magento 2 webshop, Huissteden hasn’t finished growing. The physical store has seen a great renovation and expansion and now corresponds perfectly in line with their online shop. The recognizability and outlay of both the online and offline shop ensure that all customers can find what they are looking for, very easily. Vendic sits down with the company on a regular basis to take care of new optimisations. Therefore they started looking for an optimisation tactic for their onsite search, and Vendic introduced Sooqr. Estera Dugulan is Product owner at Vendic and works closely with Huissteden and Sooqr.

‘Sooqr support also comes in Dutch – we’re a fan’

Estera Dugulan, Product owner at Vendic

Why Sooqr?

‘Within Magento 2, there are several possibilities to optimise the search function with external SaaS tools and modules. A frequently used module within the Magento Community is Elasticsearch from Smile. And although it is a good search engine, Smile also replaces parts that, in the case of Huissteden, didn’t need to be replaced. We decided to go with Sooqr. The main reasons being that the implementation doesn’t take long and the search is accurate, relevant and fast. Also, the Sooqr backend, MySooqr, gives you plenty of options to optimise and improve the search results even further. The backend also provides you with extended daily reports and you’re able to adjust the design to match your online store. Although this is a possibility, you can also use the default design, as their default overlay onsite search is ready to use.

A month after implementing Sooqr, we already saw a great increase in conversion from online visitors of Huissteden who were using the search. The revenue generated from these customers grew with 18,33% (in comparison to the previous period without Sooqr) and transactions increased by 29,13%. The conversion rate (within site search) before Sooqr, used to be 8,25%. A month after the implementation of Sooqr, it increased to 13,96%. This was a massive +69.21% increase! After growing tremendously the past years and tripling the number of visitors to the shop, the conversion rate (within site search) with Sooqr search now still is stable with (13,65%).’

Sooqr provides relevant results as soon as the first keystroke is made.

Fan of Sooqr?

‘When you regularly check your data and search stats within the Sooqr backend, you have every insight needed to adapt the search engine even better to the needs of your visitors. One of the things we noticed was that visitors were often searching for the word ‘verzendkosten’ (shipping costs). Because of this insight, we decided to add several content pages to the search, making it possible for the customers to search for content as well as for products within the same search bar.

Before Sooqr, Huissteden used the default Magento search. The reason to stop using the default Magento search was that it did not give the output the user expected and didn’t rise to our expectations, both results-wise as functionality-wise. We are a fan of Sooqr! The multiple possibilities within the backend and the ease of setting up functionalities make the tool very user-friendly. Also, as the company is from the Netherlands, being able to speak Dutch when in need of support, is a plus. And last but not least, the stability of the tool is is great; since we started using Sooqr 3 years ago, the search engine has never been down and we haven’t come across a single bug. So yes, we definitely recommend Sooqr!

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