Success Story: BabyPlanet & Sooqr

‘I rate the overall experience with Sooqr 9/10’
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‘As an experienced professional in eCommerce, I knew the importance of Site search for a CRO strategy. I have used different Site search tools in the past, but this time for Baby Planet I was searching for a better tool, and I really found it out in Sooqr. The usability is really for marketers, actionable and intuitive. Many other tools I’ve tried in the past are really too technical and take time to adopt.’

‘I’d rate Sooqr 9/10, as it’s a powerful tool, and very easy to use. I developed a good relationship with the team as well, I’m really a fan of them!

Picture of Jan Arend, eCommerce Director
Jan Arend, eCommerce Director

Why Sooqr?

“The feature we’ve been using the most is promotion rules. This feature allows to insert graphical banners at the top of your Site search results. The banners allow us to “remind” our visitors about the messages they’ve seen in our paid ads. This way, we can tap into their memory directly during the shopping journey as well.
Another valuable piece of advice given by MySooqr is the no-hit rate. It basically tells what search terms lead to no result. Sometimes, you cannot do anything with these, as they simply do not mean anything. Other times, we found out some alternative terms that people use to find certain products on our catalogue. All we have to do in these cases is to add these terms to our synonyms, so that when a new search is made with those terms, then Sooqr knows what results to return.
We even found another usage of the terms that lead to no result. We simply added them into our marketing campaign, and voilà, we often have exact matches!

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