Success Story: The Red Cross & Sooqr

‘I immediately prioritised implementing Sooqr at the Red Cross as well!’
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‘Sooqr is effortlessly connectable to Magento 2.0, and it allowed us to improve our on-site usability and conversion rate. Due to good experiences with Sooqr in my previous job, I immediately prioritized implementing this tool at the Red Cross as well. Overall, Sooqr’s support is quick and on point. Apart from solving any possible technical issue, they also delivers 1-to-1 sessions to further optimize search results.
Site search gives our website visitors the ability to query not only our first aid courses and products, but also find answers to questions they might have about our course platform – Heartbeat. With Sooqr we managed to blend our on-site usability, allowing people to find the right merch as well as all the information on our courses.’

Due to my experience with Sooqr at my previous job, I immediately prioritized implementing this tool at the Red Cross as well.

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Kelly Eras

Why Sooqr?

‘’Our user experience was also enhanced by removing our navigation’s dead ends. With Sooqr’s interface this was fixed in the blink of an eye. In the overview of queries with no result we could see the list of search terms without a result page. During one of the helpful optimization sessions Sooqr mentioned to avoid a no-result page in the first place and advised us on how to create a good no-result page which helps visitors finding the right information.

Lastly, placing graphical banners at the top of the Site search results based on certain queries or filters is ideal to put emphasis on relevant information or a new product. We are planning to expend our promotional banners for specific search queries to improve the overall customer journey.’

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