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And it’s really easy to install!
State-of-art marketing features

Full-length features for your Site search and Product listings.

Yes, we know…default conversion tools for your platform don’t give you all the functionality you need. You don’t have any influence on relevance or ranking within site search or product listings, adding more products is cumbersome, and they are often very slow. Let alone their limited conversion-boosting performance…

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All eCommerce platforms supported

The converting tools for any eCommerce platform.

Sooqr is the conversion suite that works on any platform. We’ve created plugins for most of the platforms that are commonly used, or those that do not offer an easy way to generate a datafeed. And yes, we can help you set-up your XML datafeed also for your home-built platform.
Our support is very experienced and keen to add your platform to our list of supported platforms, just try us.

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Are you using a datafeed manager, such as Channable or Datafeedwatch? 🙂

Awesome, this means you can set-up an XML feed that will seamlessly integrate with our system.


Supported eCommerce platforms


The Sooqr plugin for Magento will generate the Product XML feed and synchronise your settings with the Magento backend. The plugin currently supports Sooqr Search and Recommendations. Sooqr Merchandising will be available soon.

Sooqr extension for Magento


The Sooqr Prestashop plugin will be available soon (July 2022). You can use the XML Feed Pro plugin to create a Sooqr compatible XML datafeed.

More info on Sooqr for Prestashop

CCV Shop

The Sooqr CCV Shop App will generate an optimised datafeed for Sooqr that supports Search and Recommendations. The App can be configured using the dashboard of our partner, more information and a simple manual can be found here.

Sooqr extension for CCV Shop


The Logic4 platform can generate a Sooqr compatible XML datafeed. Sooqr has created a special template for the the Logic4 platform that is seamlessly integrated within the Logic4 User Experience.

More information on Sooqr for Logic4


The Sooqr Add-on for Shoptrader will generate an optimised Sooqr XML datafeed for Sooqr Search and Recommendations.

Sooqr Add-on for Shoptrader


The Sooqr WooCommerce extension is temporarily unavailable. You can find more information how to create a datafeed for your site using the link below.

How can I create my datafeed?