Let your visitors find, not search.

Visitors who use your search function are 5X more likely to buy, do not let them down with a poor search experience.
Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr On-site Search

Why optimize your Site Search?


Searching visitors represent up to 50% of your revenue.

On average 10% of your visitors start the shopping journey with a search, they account for up to 50% of your eCommerce revenue, and they are more likely to buy.

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Search that converts.

Sooqr clients realised up to 400% conversion rate increase from search, and up to 25% higher order value.

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Instantly show the most relevant search results

80% of searchers have a clear intent to buy a product, let them find it quickly. For every waiting second 30% of  your visitors drop.

Sooqr provides search results within milliseconds, blazing fast with no page reload. This will make your customers come back.

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Complete control

Full control of your search results

With Sooqr Search, e-commerce masters get full control on how to improve search results at any time. Whenever you think your visitors need better results for their search queries, you can simply adjust your settings. Make the most important products easier to find so you can boost your conversion rates.  

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Easy implementation

Flexible & easy to integrate

Sooqr is platform-agnostic. Regardless of the platform you use to power your e-commerce, Sooqr is there to boost your conversion rate, and can be easily integrated within every Webshop. All we need is a good data feed and all you have to do is add a few lines of Javascript in your code, it’s that simple.

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And much more…

Highest relevance

A good search engine generates relevant results, and that is exactly what Sooqr does! Our advanced search algorithm interprets the search query and uses all information you provide to us to ensure the results are spot on. ‘Red shoes’ will provide results for red shoes and not red pants with white sneakers, although that may be fashionable ;-). Oh, and as a webshop owner you can set ranking rules, a really powerful feature with which you establish what results show up at the top.

Error tolerance & stemming

If any spelling errors should occur, our spelling corrector will ensure that your search will display the right results. ‘Ifoon’ will be automatically corrected to ‘iPhone’. Stemming ensures maximum findability. Our system extracts the stem of a word and looks for variations based on the stem, e.g. the stem of the words eating, eats, eaten is eat, so looking for ‘eat’ will also find the other wods and vice versa. Are you getting hungry for more?


What search queries do your visitors use? Some items have many synonyms and people may also use slang words. Jeans, denim, Levi’s, chaps or blue jeans, what word would you use to search for your favourite fashionable pair of trousers? You can define the synonyms, single words, multiple words, whatever you prefer. Our technology will search in both directions to ensure maximum relevant results. Or even better, what do people search but is not in your index? We also give you the queries that did not end up in a result, so you can decide whether you should edit your synonyms or maybe even expand your inventory.

Metrics & Insight

MySooqr is the intuitive interface where you get full insights on your search data, search conversion and your visitor’s behaviour. With our user-friendly interface, you can get the answers to your marketing questions in a blink of an eye. You can also add Sooqr to your Google Analytics or any other analytics tool, so you can see the true effect of an optimised search tool compared to non-search behaviour.

Mobile first

Yes, just like your audience, Sooqr is mobile first. Everything you set in MySooqr will be responsive and adaptable to any device your visitors are using. The search results are displayed according to your screen size and orientation. And it’s included in your subscription, so no extra costs.

Customizable Look & feel

You can customise the look & feel of your search results. Grid view, list view, detailed information or simply a title with a price. You decide! You can change the overall user experience to fit your website styling. In MySooqr you can the change colours, font types and the layout of the screen and instantly see the outcome. 

Multi language

Sooqr speaks (almost) any language you need it to talk. Our search technology uses the latest language support from the world-wide open source community. You can set the language of your site in MySooqr and edit your personal translations for on screen text shown in the search results window. If you have a multilingual webshop, Sooqr will automatically take care of it.

Full Onboarding & Support

Our customer success team will have your back from your first steps with Sooqr, including during your 30-day free trial. On the way to your eCommerce excellence, we’ll invite you to optimisation sessions, and share with you resources for you to get the most out of our products. No questions is too much for us, try us!

Transparent Pricing

Sooqr is powerful, yet its pricing is simple. All of our features and products are included in our subscriptions, with no hidden or extra costs. Your plan is based on the size of your catalogue and the number of search queries (and impressions for other Sooqr products). Read all about it on our pricing page.