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You run an online shop with a lot of products. Clothes, shoes, or accessories. Great! But your audience is looking for that one dress in that one color in that one size. Right? So... how do you help your clients find what they're looking for? The answer is simple: use the right tech finding and discovery. A system that is easy to use, always relevant, and fast.
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Already boosting conversions with Sooqr
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr
Afbeelding voor Already boosting conversions with Sooqr

A solid track record in every industry

Here at Sooqr, we work with a lot of eCommerce shops in a wide range of industries. We’ve gained lots of experience and have learnt some valuable insights for each industry. Virtually all stores have one thing in common: they’re all looking to improve their conversion rate and cart value. And the improvements we see after implementing our tools speak for themselves. On average, with Sooqr a store increases its conversion rate by 40%. 


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Sooqr offers you the tools: Site search, Product recommendations, and Merchandising.


Ensure the right products are at top of your results

In Fashion and Sports it’s all about your items’ brand, because typically consumers have a strong brand affiliation. We also notice this in search behaviour: stores have favourable deal terms with selected brands, and would like to highlight these to the consumers. We offer features such as ranking rules to place the brands you want to sell more of, the bestsellers, or the products with the most margin on top of your results list. That will raise your conversions. With promotion rules you can show relevant (brand) promotion banners based on queries or filters, so your audience will never miss sales.

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Make it fast

Did you know that up to 30% of visitors leave immediately if they have to wait for a page (or results to a query) to load? Sooqr Search loads results within the blink of an eye (<70 ms), without any page reload. And the results will change as you type to find more relevant results. We see that Food & Shopping webshops have a high search share with more than 25% of  the visitors immediately start searching, and with loyal and frequently returning customer base. For these shops the search experience is extremely important, as a searcher typically is 5x more inclined to purchase than a non-searcher. Besides our lightning fast search, we also have smart ranking logic called clickrank that learns from the overall results on your site to show the results that are most clicked on and thus have higher relevance.

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Filters, refinements & sorting make it easy

In health & beauty webshops we see large catalogues with many different variants, sizes and packages or bundles. This makes it hard to find the desired result from a generic search query. Use instant filtering for colors, sizes, materials, prints, pricing, and any other product information. Make your visitors funnel the products to the one that matches their interest. Give it some social proof by filtering on reviews or ratings. Always allow your audience to sort: by default based on relevance, but can also add the option to sort on price, popularity, season, and possibly new products.

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home and garden

Synonyms and slang for credibility, content to help decision making

Adopt slang and synonyms within your site search. If you want to gain credibility with your audience and make sure the right products show up, you need to use their language. Monitor your data to match products with the keywords your visitors enter in the search box. Although this feature is valuable for any webshop, our data shows that for home & garden webshops there are long lists of synonyms used by the visitors. We also see that these webshops offer tips and reviews to educate their customers on how to use the item properly. You can include content items such as blog posts, brand pages, support pages or specific product manuals in your site search. Your audience needs them to base their decisions on. It takes away any roadblock left in the decision-making process.

electronics and tools

I want my CD-X34528/48

In tech-driven, high volume industries such as Electronics & Tools, customers often know the exact serial number of product they’re looking for. Many search solutions cannot handle the variety of special characters used, or will find an abundance of results resembling the serial numbers. Our solution is optimal to handle these characters, and you can set the importance of serial numbers in the search mix. So when you’re looking for a ‘B07XFXWK48’, our search will look through the serial numbers in your catalogue to find the exact product, rather than trying to find this in the product title or description. In B2B eCommerce our data shows a particularly high share of alphanumeric search queries, as most of the B2B customers know exactly what to order. Moreover, we see that the product catalogues in B2B and B2C Electronics & Tools industry have a high amount of product attributes. The attributes are used to describe certain aspects of the product, such as dimensions, applicability, product category, etc. In our system you can manage the relative importance of these attributes and use them to define business rules for sorting, filtering, and promotions. Product attributes are also used to define your on-site recommendations on site to, for example, find matching alternatives to the product that is being shown, or find related products of the same brand or category.

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Animals & Pets

Bright orange rabbit leash

Data shows that consumers often search for really precise descriptions that include color, type, size, item, etc. In industries with a wide variety of products, such as in Animals & Pets, we see a lot of products that come in various sizes or packaged bundles. To ensure an optimal search experience, results need to be relevant for the entire search query. So when looking for a ‘bright orange rabbit leash’, items that score on all search terms will be shown first. Sounds logical, right? Well, reality shows that on many eCommerce sites, when looking for a red dress, you get a lot of red items and dresses in all colors. Our magic sauce will find those results that really match all criteria. Then there’s the variety of sizes and bundles the products are sold in: the same products that come with more than 10 variants. Our solution to make this manageable is grouping. With grouping you can define the main product to show in the search results and ensure the other variants are all still findable! So if someone is looking for a 100ml cream, the main product may be the 500ml variant, yet the 100ml variant will still show in the results as well. We also know some grouped products are to be shown individually, as a blue dress that’s also available in red is less likely to be chosen as the same dress shown in red. That’s why you decide how you want to use grouping, and our team of experts is there to  help you.

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