ROI Calculator

Calculate your Onsite Search ROI

When investing in tools such as Sooqr On-site search, you want to have a look at your current KPIs and, more importantly, assess your gains after implementing the tool. Our data scientists have analyzed Sooqr’s customer data from the past 5 years across 13 industries. Based on that data we’ve built the On-site Search ROI calculator.

Enter your average monthly visitors and amount of SKUs (stock keeping units), and you’ll able to see what your ROI can be if you start to optimize your on-site search with Sooqr.

Looking for a personalized ROI figure instead of industry averages? Simply also fill in your average order value, search rate, and conversion rate, and you’ll be presented with a fully personalized ROI calculation.

The calculations are based on Sooqr’s annual subscription prices.