Conversion-boosting onsite search starting from €0

Our solutions are powerful, yet our pricing is simple. Prices start at €49/month and are based on the number of products you have. There is also a free tier for sites up to 100 items. We offer everyone a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed!), and we'll personally help you set everything up with a free optimization session: simply pick your time and date.

All of our subscriptions offer the same full Sooqr experience. Whether you have a small or a large webshop: there are no extra costs for responsiveness (mobile interface), add-ons, features, statistics or any of our personal customer support.

With Sooqr you can choose from a monthly - quit any time you like - or annual subscription. With a monthly plan, your subscription will automatically grow or decline in accordance with your number of SKUs and searches. With an annual subscription, you pay upfront, also based on an average number of SKUs and searches.

Still not convinced? Easily check your potential return on investment with the Onsite Search ROI Calculator.

A subscription with Sooqr starts with Site Search. Please find the pricing plan associated with your catalogue size and search traffic below. If you decide to go for an annual subscription, you only pay the equivalent of 10 months, while enjoying Sooqr for a full 12 months.

You can add Recommendations to your Site Search subscription, as many as you like. There are free and paid types of recommendations. The paid types are clearly marked in MySooqr when you set these up. The pricing for paid recommendations is based on the impressions of the recommendations on your site and will be charged monthly. Please see the pricing here.





  • Up to 100 unique items*
  • max. 1,000 searches p/m


€49 / mo  €490 billed annually

  • Up to 1,000 unique items*
  • max. 50,000 searches p/m


€79 / mo  €790 billed annually

  • Up to 2,500 unique items*
  • max. 100,000 searches p/m


€ 139 / mo  €1.390 billed annually

  • Up to 5,000 unique items*
  • max. 250,000 searches p/m


€ 205 / mo  €2.050 billed annually

  • Up to 10,000 unique items*
  • max. 500,000 searches p/m


€ 275 / mo  €2.750 billed annually

  • Up to 25,000 unique items*
  • max. 1,000,000 searches p/m


€ 385 / mo. €3.850 billed annually

  • Up to 50,000 unique items*
  • max. 2,500,000 searches p/m


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  • > 50,000 unique items*
  • Unlimited searches p/m
  • Realtime automatic reload of feed**
Standard features Features
Auto feed reload**
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Instant results ?
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Highest relevance ?
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* check our FAQ's for additional conditions on the number of SKU
** it's always possible to do a manual reload at Sooqr Search

Recommendations Pricing Plan

The Sooqr Recommendations pricing is based on the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times a recommender is shown on your site. When you have multiple Sooqr Recommendation carousels inserted into your website, the total impression count for all recommendations combined will be used to determine your costs. This is billed monthly with a Cost-per-Mille (CPM) based pricing structure:

€ 2.50

/ 1000 impressions

  • from 0 impressions
  • up to 10,000 impressions

€ 1.25

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 10,001 impressions
  • up to 50,000 impressions

€ 0.50

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 50,001 impressions
  • up to 100,000 impressions

€ 0.40

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 100,001 impressions
  • up to 500,000 impressions

€ 0.30

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 500,001 impressions
  • up to 1,000,000 impressions

€ 0.20

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 1,000,001 impressions
  • up to 5,000,000 impressions

€ 0.10

/ 1,000 impressions

  • from 5,000,001 impressions
  • up to unlimited impressions

Recommendations Pricing Example

A webshop shows 75.000 Sooqr Recommenders during a month. The costs will be:

10 x 1,000 for € 2.50 = € 25.00 +
40 x 1,000 for € 1,25 = € 50.00 +
25 x 1,000 for € 0,50 = € 12.50 = € 87.50

30-day Free Trial
If you are not satisfied after your 30-day trial is over, you can remove Sooqr easily, without any trouble, with no questions asked & with no credit card details needed. 

Billed without hidden costs
We do not make complicated formulas to determine our pricing. Prices are based on the number of products (SKUs) in your shop, and you have a budget of searches per month. Our pricing is transparent and you will be able to know upfront how much Sooqr will cost you, as our billing is without hidden costs. 

The number of searches mentioned in the pricing chart is the maximum amount of searches allowed for the associated tier in our pricing, within one month. Whenever you go over this number in any given month, we will increase your subscription to the next level in our pricing, or the level that has a maximum that is higher than the number of searches performed on your site.

With annual subscriptions, we’ll take a look at your number of requests 6 months into your year, to see if your average is still the same. In the case you’ve increased massively - or decreased - we’ll bill you an additional fee, or you will receive a credit towards the next year. 

Any questions? Check our FAQ below to see if your question is mentioned. Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Simply contact us, we’re happy to help!

Frequently asked questions

Anything you want to know about our pricing & billing, you'll find here. You'll find more on our general FAQ page.

What about the pricing?

We do not make complicated formulas to determine our pricing. Prices are based on the number of products (SKUs) in your shop, and you have a budget of searches per month. Our pricing is transparent and you will be able to know upfront how much Sooqr will cost you, as our billing is without hidden costs. When your SKU count changes or you go over your search budget, you will automatically be transferred to the appropriate subscription level. Feel free to contact our Sales Team for any additional questions on pricing.

Help! I'm growing!

Monthly subscription
You will be billed monthly and your monthly plan will automatically grow or decline in accordance with your number of SKU and searches. You won’t be billed for an increase of SKU (or searches) during the month. 

Yearly subscription
With an annual subscription, your pricing can be adjusted mid-year (6 months into your yearly subscription) based on:

  • Down: (only) based on SKU decrease. The difference in subscription price will be added as a credit for the next renewal.

  • Up: based on SKU increase or search cap overrun. The difference for the remainder of the year will be billed separately.

How will I be billed?

Monthly subscription
With a monthly subscription, you will be billed on a monthly basis, on the same day of every month, by credit card. You will receive your invoice by email.

Yearly subscription
With an annual subscription, you will be billed once a year, on the date your paid subscription starts, after your 30-day free trial. When changing from a monthly subscription to an annual one, this will start on the first renewal date of your subscription.

For any changes in your billing information, please contact us: or +31 88 7667700.

How does the 30-day trial work?

After you've created an account (via, you will get access to all of our functionalities, free of charge, for 30 days. We don't require any credit card details during this trial, so you can try Sooqr obligation-free. No strings attached, and no questions asked. During this 30-day trial you can schedule a free optimization session with our Customer Success Team, to get the most out of your new site search engine. Our Customer Success Team will also help you with any problems or questions you might have. If you have any additional questions, please let us know:

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Our team will contact you before your 30-day free trial expires. If you feel the same way about us as we do about you, your trial account will become a permanent one. All of your statistics, searches, customizations, data and actions remain intact. If you, for whatever reason, decide not to continue with us, your account will automatically expire at the end of your 30-day trial. 

What is a SKU?

A SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit. We count these when looking at your payment plan. This can either be a unique product or content item within your datafeed. 

What is a document?

A document is a unique item in your data feed, also called 'node' in your XML.

What is a search?

A search is a query on our database. A visitor can make multiple searches by typing, filtering and sorting.

I’ve got a very urgent matter!

For very urgent matters, please give us a ring: +31 (0)88 7667700.

I have a different question.

Our Support Team is always available to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us, we won’t relax until you're satisfied. Simply send us an email at and we'll get back to you within a working day (Monday to Friday). Stuck in a rut over the weekend? We'll contact you first thing Monday morning. Urgent matter over the weekend? We'll do our best to help you as soon as possible. 

For questions of financial origin, please send us an email at For anything concerning sales, please contact us at For everything else, you are fine at support! For very urgent matters, give us a ring: +31 (0)88 7667700.

Does Sooqr support multiple languages?

Yes, Sooqr understands most common languages: from English and Swedish to Greek and Arabic. So if you have a multi-language store, Sooqr works for all of them. However, you will be billed per language, as every language needs its own project.

I have an annual site search subscription, can I use Recommendations?

Yes, of course, we’d love you to start using Recommendations. The costs for Recommendations will be charged separately each month to the existing payment method.

Can I get a subscription for only Recommendations?

Recommendations require an active Site Search subscription, and will be based on the same product catalogue and datafeed.

I have 3 rows/carousels on one page, do I pay for 3 requests?

If you have multiple recommendations rows/carousels on your page, these are all individually counted.