Success Story: Happy Idiots & Sooqr

‘Sooqr created a massive increase of 446% in conversion (within search)’
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Happy Idiots is a Digital Marketing Agency, yet a little different than the usual. Their fresh insight into digital marketing makes sure they address all your needs and conquer any challenge. They know exactly how digital marketing works and even consider themselves ‘bonus’ colleagues to your business, as their credo is ‘together we reach the most’. With Happy Idiots, you get the whole package. The result? A digital effect that makes you happy. The agency has implemented Sooqr into several of their customers’ webshops, Sitcon being one of them. Shanna Drost is CRO Specialist at Happy Idiots and the link between agency, Sooqr and customer. Sitcon was founded in 2007 and has grown to become the leading security equipment company of The Netherlands. Thanks to their own branded stock and experienced product specialists, they can advise you on the best product for your needs. Sitcon HQ is located in Nieuwegein (near Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands), yet the company also has stores in Amsterdam and Maaseik (Belgium), besides several online stores. Sooqr has been implemented into multiple Sitcon websites: and

‘Sales went up by 200% and revenue by 169% after implementing Sooqr’

Shanna Drost, CRO Specialist Happy Idiots

Shanna Drost, CRO Specialist Happy Idiots

‘The implementation of Sooqr for Sitcon went well. Our customer, Sitcon, provided us with their product feed which we then optimised with the help from Datafeedwatch. Within 3 hours the first account was completely set up (at the wish of Sitcon) and implemented via Google Tag Manager. Sooqr support additionally helped us position the overlay, by changing something within the CSS. Implementing the other accounts was therefore really fast, giving us more time to optimise.’

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‘Sooqr created a massive increase of 446% in conversion (within search)’

Why Sooqr?

‘As a digital agency, we recommend Sooqr to all of our customers who don’t yet use an optimised onsite search engine within their webshop. Why? Because it is relatively easy to implement and affordable. There is no need for a developer, which makes the tool accessible for any SME. But the most important reason for us to recommend the SaaS tool: Sooqr shows your visitors a clear overview of relevant results to a query. And the figures speak for themself. For Sitcon, Sooqr created a massive increase, 446%, in conversion (within search) after implementation, in comparison to the same period the previous year. Sales went up by 200% and revenue by 169%.’

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